New Avengers: Infinity War Images

A new trailer is all we ask for. Why do I feel like the more we ask, the lesser chance we have of seeing a trailer soon.🤔 Let’s all just ‘keep kwayet’ and act like we don’t care. Good Idea!đź’ˇ

As we are getting closer to the release date(April 27) of the upcoming Avengers installment, Marvel releases a few images from the movie to wet our appetite. All we’re asking for is the final trailer though, images could be deceiving. So could a trailer be also, we definitely would love to see a trailer than a thousand images flooding the internet.

L-R: War Machine,Captain America & Black Widow. (Marvel Twitter)
L-R. Dr. Strange, IronMan,Hulk & Wong (Marvel Twitter)


Black Panther (Marvel Twitter)
L-R: Okoye,Black Panther,Captain America, Black Widow & Bucky (Marvel Twitter)
Shuri (Marvel Twitter)
Spider-Man (Marvel Twitter)
Thor (Marvel Twitter)
Thanos (Marvel Twitter)

Judging by these images, we should expect a lot of action to go down in Wakanda. Seems like the right marketing tactic to me. Black panther is currently enjoying critical and financial success(crossed the 1 billion mark already), why don’t we remind people their favourite characters from the recently just released beloved movie would be returning again in about a month. Smart marketing ploy.

Whether or not Wakanda gets so much screentime, I’d be going to see the movie. What people seem to forget is that the story won’t be completed this year though, we still have to wait till 2019 for the final saga against Thanos. What suspense are we going to be left with as we look forward to the final avengers installment. Just make a damn 4 hours movie, I promise you I’d watch it. Well I watched Boyhood, so I can handle anything.

We should be getting a final trailer in the coming days and weeks. So you need to keep tabs on this page for updates.

Bis Bald!

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