What You Need To Know |NAIJA AVENGERS

Group of Nigerian creatives make a beautiful Avengers spoof. Placing the Avengers in the Nigerian system. Featuring the good, bad, ugly and funny in the Naija life.

With a focus on daily challenges we face as citizens of Nigeria, Naija avengers is a web-series truthfully written to match these issues. Would these superheroes even survive? Are they gifted enough to escape these problems? Do their superpowers give them a free pass from these day to day challenges?



above is a short clip from episode 3 that features Ironman.

Naija Avengers season one, created and produced by Mad District features spiderman, Black Widow, Ironman and GAP(Naija’s Quicksilver). The first full season with four episodes can be watched on youtube. Check out their youtube page also for more creative shorts.

Full season of Naija Avengers:

As a fan, I am also looking forward to season 2 already.

You can reach The Mad District on Instagram: @TheMadDistrict

Bis Bald!

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