Moments Binge-watchers Can Relate to

This series which I am starting today is highly picture based(turn on images 🤗). As movies and series watchers, whether casual, addicts or frequent bingers, there are various moments we can all relate to as motion picture consumers.

As a guilty bingewatcher, these sometimes awkward, badass and super-heroic moments always have one thing in common which is banter and playfulness when turned into memes or short comics.

“Like I actually do this, like this really happens to me. Other people also? ahahaha”

For a start, what does it mean to bingewatch?



  1. AHAHA. Did this just summarize a typical night? After planning all day to go to bed as early as possible, you find yourself adjusting volume 1 a.m. in the midnight. This is actually my own order: Twitter-Snapchat-Instagram-Gmail, then Netflix to cap it up. In what order do you check your apps before a pleasure Netflix ride?



2.  Like!!! “Don’t disrespect me Netflix. You are disrespecting the art of binging. This would only make me want to watch for a few hours more, cos I feel disrespected. Someone has not noticed my all nighter.”



3. Criminal minds, The Americans, Bones, NCIS, Blacklist, Quantico, Blindspot or just name it. You turn into a Seely Booth 2.0. What other TV shows raise your senses like this after a binge?



4. Just one last one dear Eyes. I promise I am going to bed now, let me just find out who Negan smashed with his Lucille. Come on. Do this for me just this one time(or to be truthful 100th time). Don’t worry you get to shutdown in math class tomorrow.



5. I only eat during pre-planned binge sessions. It is more often not planned than planned tho. Last planned TV show I binged with enough snacks was 13 Reasons Why season 2.



I hope you enjoyed this series. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Last TV show you binged? Let me Know!

Bis Bald!

all images courtesy of TVTimeApp



  1. That’s quite hard. But in no particular order:
    Mr Robot
    Legends of Tomorrow
    Last Man on Earth
    Master of None
    13 reasons why (if it didn’t have a second season)
    F is for family
    Orphan black
    The Americans


  2. This is really impressive, I’ll visit here often 😊
    Actually, the last TV show I binged watched was STAR, I just couldn’t get my lazy ass off the bed until I was practically done with the season and I moved right on to season two the day after.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yaaay! Thanks.. wkMu looks forward to seeing you more often and active.
      I’ve not seen STAR this season tho. Can’t wait to watch along with Empire during my holidays.


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