Pick Of Trailers From the Just Concluded SDCC (TV SHOWS)

San Diego Comic Con just concluded and we were treated to a number of new trailers and teasers for upcoming movies and TV Shows.

I wasn’t so much pumped this year compared to last year where my notifications were on for every single updates. This probably happened cos Marvel decided to skip Comic Con this year in terms of reveals. Last year, we had Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok and The Avengers to look forward to. So every update had to be closely looked forward to and the reveals sure put a smile on our faces. So Marvel sitting it out this year is just a ploy to increase hype and excitement for next year’s projects.

Who says no marvel,no fun? Hell no! We sure liked and got excited by new teasers that were released during the convention.

These are my pick of the TV shows to look forward to this fall and near future:



Another adaptation from the Game of Thrones dude. We all know that dude who writes good books. This time, his work is coming to a streaming service I seem to be obsessed with, Netflix. Don’t worry I won’t be making any Game of Thrones comparison, they are totally different stuffs as this is set in space.



DC’s Runaways? maybe. Set to premiere on DC universe streaming service, it follows a group of teen superheroes. As dark as you’d expect, if not darker.



A fantasy animation series from Simpsons creator. Also going to be streaming on Netflix. Arrives as soon as August 17.



This is another animated series carrying the name of a big shot moviemaker. Coming from the writer and director of Avatar: The Last Airbender, this is one for Avatar fans to look forward to. It also drops on Netflix when it arrives on September 14.



The Vampire Diaries birthed Originals. As Originals ended this year, it decided to also leave an offspring for us to get thrilled to. Enjoy this new spin-off to The Vampire Diaries story which premieres in October.


With majority streaming on Netflix, I hope to watch all as time permits. Which of these are you looking forward to the most? A blog post for movie trailers released is coming soon.

Bis Bald!






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