Pick Of Trailers From the Just Concluded SDCC (MOVIES)

Yesterday, I shared my pick of the TV shows to look forward to later this year after a few trailers and teasers were released at the just concluded San Diego Comic Con. At the end of that post, if you reached that point, I promised to also share movie trailers that we got to see at the Convention.

credit: dc_cinematic (Reddit)

As Marvel decided to sit out the program,we didn’t get to see anything from Captain Marvel nor the final saga of the Infinity War. Nevertheless, there are still a few sweeties to enjoy and look forward to.


I wasn’t pumped, not gonna lie. Maybe more action sequences using his powers would have helped. It just looked too basic. We would definitely get more trailers before it debuts in theaters. So there’s nothing to be worried about.



This is how trailers should be. If the movie is anything like we have been teased with here, then this might be DC’s final big ‘general public opinion’ break. As it started filming a few months back and a few images were leaked, I wasn’t too excited cos the suit looked so messy. A young boy in the body of an adult man with super powers is definitely a storyline to open the floodgate of jokes. Road leads to next year April.



I am not so familiar with this universe. But this new installment features Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. So Y’all who love her might want to check this out. And the trailer looks sick anyways.



Another universe I am not so familiar with or deep into. It’s a Harry Potter spin-off, for those who don’t know.



The universe no one saw coming. This is one big movie to look forward to as moviemaker M. Night Shyamalan brings together movie: Unbreakable and Split for a new whole which we never predicted. Split should be fresh in memories of viewers, as the 2016 installment revealed the connection between both movies at the very end. Hits cinemas early next year.



I hope you found your choice after going through the brief list. I am currently trying to catch up on recently concluded seasons of my TV shows. After which I should be able to post more often again.

Bis Bald!

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