In Conversation: Our 2021 Oscars Predictions

L-R: Nomadland director Chloé Zhao, Viola Davis as Ma Rainey, Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat, Soul’s Joe Gardner and Carey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman

This is  a rare chance to catch up with the team outside our usual lair of mystery, meanness and evil. Also, you might be curious to know what we’ve been up to since our Future of Cinema series. But, most importantly, this is an Oscars prediction conversation, which Ikeade had to hunt Olamide and Fridous down for. He did it! Cos, here we are.
This conversation took place between Tuesday, 20th of April 2021 and Wednesday, 21st of April over telegram and lasted roughly 5 hours.
You should know that the Oscars ceremony takes place on Monday, 25th of April and you can go through the complete nominations list here, since we only discussed the major categories.

Note: Bold and italicized words signify Ikeade as a moderator.

Ikeade: Welcome to our first private discussion that we’ll be uploading. Do I need to ask for consent at this point if I’m allowed to or not? This format should suit Fridous a lot. Since she can use emojis as she likes. Or should we lay down some ground rules of no emoji usage? No stickers? No GIFs? Don’t over think it folks 😅

Olamide: Aye Aye.

Ikeade: The last time we did anything together was the Future of Cinema series. So how have we been since this cooperative series where we discussed the future of cinema. How have our lives been with TV and film? What have we watched? Or what are we currently enjoying? Let it all out.

Olamide: Love Death and Robots is slated for a May release. The universe is fine.

Fridous: I have seen a lot…i am currently watching love death + robots

Ikeade: (to Olamide) I agree with you. Hopefully we can write a thing or two about L D+R when the time comes. It’s always filled with metaphors and symbols.
(to Fridous) We have time. You can mention about five that you’re proud of. You might want to leave out the Spanish telenovelas. 🤭

Olamide: Lukat God doing wonders in his subject’s life. I congratulate you, Fridous.

Fridous: (to Ikeade) Castlevania and devilman crybaby. Betty en Ny🙃 Back to the future and Sleepers.

Ikeade: Thanks, guys. We can just call it a day. No one suddenly cares what I’m watching. All because I’ve not seen MiB Ciao! 😔

Fridous: What are you currently watching? Rewatching the perks of being a wallflower 🙃

Olamide: Probably the perks of being a wallflower part two.

Ikeade: (to Fridous) Whoow whowww. Easyyyyy. Don’t blame me for accepting the love I think I deserve from Sam and Charlie.
(to Olamide) You too?

Olamide: Et Tu Àdìó? Yes. Very much yes.

Ikeade: Anyways, I’m currently watching the weekly series of The Falcon and the winter soldier mostly because I’ve to edit a recap and I don’t want to get spoiled. It’s been decent so far. Nothing extraordinary. Buut, There’s a new kid on the block that I’ve been enjoying. He wears blue and yellow costume and he is…

Olamide: …INVINCIBLE. And there is blood splattered everywhere. Violence all over just because.

Fridous: Dont turn this into the invincible talk abeg

Ikeade: (to Olamide) Who’s your favourite character so far? And why is it Debbie?

Fridous: Even if I liked debbie…I will just mention another character just to spite you

Olamide: (to Ikeade) I see what you did there.
(contd) It’s Amber for me.

(…and we went on and on about Invincible cos we never listen to Fridous.)

Ikeade: have the movies that we’ve watched since we published the Future of Cinema series fueled our hope for cinema or dampened it? Looking at it from both nollywood and Hollywood perspective

Olamide: I mean, Ọmọ Ghetto has over 600 million. Prophetess is climbing up to 100. That says something about the cinema.

Ikeade: So we’re diving into our dear nollywood first. It says something about the viewers I’d say.
(contd) I guess I predicted wrongly that viewers won’t have enough money to splash on cinema during this pandemic or maybe it’s just too soon to tell. The economic implications might still be far ahead.

Olamide: When I went to see Mortal Kombat on Sunday, it was Yahoo Yahoo people mostly around. So it’s possible you’re right.

Fridous: Dampened it…with this whole la Femme anjola issue…politics in the cinematic universe. 

Ikeade: Another story for another beautiful day, isn’t it

Fridous: It is like nollywood already warped Nigerians idea of what a good movie is

IkeadeWhich is sad. WKMUp is here to change that! On that note, (speaking to readers now) Please tell your family and friends that we aren’t biased out here and you can trust us with your last 2k. Help our life! Share our reviews!

Fridous: I saw it on someone’s status that Prophetess is a good movie…talking about how good the comedy aspect…Sadly…she is  a friend. But for someone that didn’t even know Beowulf was an animation …I wasn’t surprised sha

Olamide: Exhausted by the Prophetess talks at this point. I think it’s best to just let the reviews do the talking from here..

Ikeade: (to Fridous) Did I miss a memo? I wasn’t told to watch Beowulf before coming in here. Or that’s my way of saying that I’ve not seen the movie.

Fridous: Wetin you dey watch sef. Do you know the story???

Ikeade: Nein. Never even heard of the film before in my life.

Olamide: The impeccable Ikeade strikes again. You should see Beowulf. If you can, read the poem too.

Ikeade: So, what else happened since the last time we did something together. We published Olamide’s critical analysis of the state of our dear country, Nigeria, drawing comparison with the trial of the Chicago 7; people are watching The Fisherman’s Diary all over the world, our neighbour’s Oscar entry and we are proud of them; and then we got the second coming of Eddie Murphy in Coming 2 America. Lastly on “Things that we didn’t come here to do today” We got blocked on twitter twice, guys and gals. Story we hope to tell another day. What’s even the Nollywood equivalent of Oscars?

Fridous: Do they give awards?

Olamide: Amvca I think

Ikeade: Which covers the whole of Africa, I think

Olamide: Nah. It’s just Nigeria.

Ikeade: Interesting. With the double A, one would think one stands for Africa at least.

Fridous: I know the award…but I have never watched it before
(contd) I dnt want their movies…so there was no point watching it

Ikeade: Timini’s nomination last year for best actor caught my attention and raised my hopes before I saw Elevator Baby. But then, it wasn’t a movie for me sha

Olamide: Still haven’t seen it till now. Almost certain I never will.

Fridous: The beginning was really nice…then when I realized the whole movie will be inside the elevator…I just stopped watching
(contd) The convo btw timini and his mom

Olamide: I find the premise quite interesting though.
(contd) But it’s execution that’s making me think one kind about it.

Fridous: Watch it na.😂

Olamide: Ma fun e lẹṣẹ o  (Translation: I will punch you ooo)

Ikeade: I can give you a review link to read and make your choice. Although it’s from someone who likes the movie a lot and lays out his opinion quite clearly.

Fridous: Okay then…thank you

Ikeade: So, moving away from Nollywood to Hollywood where the biggest movie Academy awards ceremony known as the Oscars takes place on Monday, 26th of April. We’re here to make our predictions. I hope you all brought your bank cheques along.

Fridous: 😌

Olamide: Not like it’d be worth anything if it’s in Naira.

Ikeade: But most importantly, you brought your thoughts and your mouth along shey

Ikeade: The ceremony is going to be reinvented as a movie, according to the producer, Steven Soderbergh, who’s known for Ocean’s Eleven. We’re going to get longer speeches, which I’m foreseeing as a bad idea.

Fridous: I hate watching award ceremonies..I just want to see who wins…All the talk is stressful to me

Olamide:This is hilarious. Can’t wait for the comedians.

Ikeade: I rarely stay up for them. But then It is the first thing I check the next morning. I just foresee so much politics in the various speeches which could be tiring at some point for those watching the full show

Olamide: I don’t know. It’s all exhausting. Watch Rick Gervais’ 2020 Golden Globes speech.

Ikeade: I’ve seen it twice. After the show last year and people brought it back this year, saying he would never be invited again lol

Fridous: Why won’t he be invited again…he said derogatory stuffs?

Olamide: That’s the only type of speeches I want to hear at awards, so, I no watch. My man insulted every speech trope at the awards.

Ikeade: They were all forced to laugh at jokes directed at them lol

Fridous: 😂

Ikeade: So for the predictions, we’ll go like this. Each person gets a
Pick (based on personal feeling and emotions)
Prediction (based on what most likely stands a chance) and
Wildcard (that could pull a surprise)
Then I’ll ask a few follow-up questions or drop a fun fact. And your pick can also be your prediction. And could someone be nice enough to always ask me for my own opinion? #AnchorsLivesMatter Lastly, you don’t have to have an answer all the time.

Fridous: The last line is definitely me 😅

Ikeade: For a start, what are our biggest surprises and snubs?

I’ll go first. There are not many surprises. We had a record number of qualified films. So I have more snubs than surprises since almost all the noms are all deserving. Nevertheless, my biggest surprise is Maria Bakalova in Borat. A Bulgarian actress, who starred as Borat’s daughter in the hilarious sequel. Biggest snub: Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods which only landed a nomination in the music category.

Olamide: Not surprised about Maria Bakalova. That was a fine performance. Well, I agree with your snub entry.

Ikeade: Right. But I thought the Academy would snub her. I guess her campaign was on point.

Olamide: News of the world under the music category surprises me. I didn’t really pay attention to the music. But I’m glad it’s somewhere there. It has soul, the film. And I’m glad that “If Anything Happens I Love You” made the list. Also, “Yes-People” is quite hilarious.

Fridous: About da 5 blood…it is a fine  movie…but It didn’t even dawn on me to check if it falls into any category

Ikeade: There must have been something with the Audio in general for News of the World. It also has a nom under the sound category. In which category are those titles you mentioned, Olamide?

Olamide: animated short film

Ikeade: Just shows how much output we get from Hollywood every year. Last year even being a pandemic year. Sadly, some will fly under the radar.
But then, any notable snubs?

Fridous: Ma Rainey’s black bottom for best picture category

Ikeade: That’s true. Despite the increased number of nominations in that category. 

Olamide: Nah. Screenplay maybe, but not picture.

Ikeade: This just shows the insane number of productions. I wonder how the voters keep up. They’ll most likely vote for what’s constantly pushed in their face or something with their favourite stars

Olamide: Campaigns are important. As you mentioned with the Bulgarian actress.

Ikeade: Can’t be stressed enough. Studios have to Spend that money whether they like it or not.

Ikeade: Let’s kick off the actual predictions with Original Score (music). Da 5 Bloods, MANK, Minari, News of the world or Soul

Olamide: Soul. Soul. Maybe Minari as wildcard.
But Soul is literally about music. 😂

Ikeade: I felt it In my soul lol. If it doesn’t win anything for else, this category should be for it ehnn. I’ll also be going with Soul as my pick and prediction. The jazz was something else for me. Probably the thing I like the most about the ‘overhyped’ movie.

Fridous: Soul….Then minari can be the surprise. But then I wont say I will be surprised.

Olamide: (to Ikeade) I dey yarn you.

Fridous: It is between soul and minari

Ikeade: My wildcard is Da 5 Bloods. You know, for compensation. Terence is also a force. He worked on Blackkklansman

Ikeade: The next category is Directing. We have Another Round, MANK, Minari, Nomadland and Promising Young Woman

Olamide: Nomadland (Pick) Mank (Prediction) Minari (Wildcard)

Ikeade: Pick: MANK. Cos I’m David Fincher’s baby. Prediction: Nomadland. Wildcard: MINARI

Olamide: Mank is most likely winning it.

Fridous: Why can’t it be Nomadland??? Nomadland is most likely winning it

Ikeade: We’ll both wait for his reason. I’m predicting Nomadland cos of its run so far during the awards season.

Fridous: I really want to know…most likely yen ko ye mi. I have only seen minari and heard and know  a lot about Nomadland….so Pick- minari, Prediction- nomadland, Wildcard- —

Olamide: Because Mank is David Fincher. And I’ve seen Mank, a bit. It’s got something to do with Orson Welles. And Orson Welles is Hollywood’s darling.

Ikeade: You’ve a point. Voters love when Hollywood is depicted in movies. Hollywood is Hollywood’s darling

Olamide: Always and forever.

Fridous: I still can’t see any reason why it will most likely win. It won’t win it…I have a personal vendetta with it now🌚

Olamide: You don fuck up.

Ikeade: This One na  Curse not logic. 😂

Fridous: You should have just stopped at prediction…i don’t like the way you said most likely, like the other movies are somehow 🌚It is Nomadland…

Olamide: Mank is a well made film.
(contd)Talking as if it’s only logic that votes. There are personal stakes as well na.

Personal politics etc.

Fridous: Everything involve politics

Ikeade: It’s the first time two women have been nominated in this category in a single year. Emerald Fennell for Promising young woman and Chloé Zhao for Nomadland. So cheers, to the ladies!

Ikeade: A woman has won in this category just once. So the odds are in their favour I guess to take another one home

Olamide: Well, there is agenda politics as well. But I doubt it though.

Ikeade: Interesting topic of politics. But we’ll move to the next round. Cinematography: Judas and the Black Messiah, MANK, News of the World, Nomadland and The Trial of Chicago 7.

Fridous: Prediction nomadland. Wildcard mank

Ikeade:Pick: The Trial of The Chicago 7. Prediction: News of the World/Nomadland. Wildcard: Mank

Olamide: Pick: The Trial of Chicago 7, Prediction: Trial of Chicago 7, Wildcard: Trial of Chicago 7

Ikeade: Aaron Sorkin fan boy. 😅You’ve been waiting for this moment

Olamide: Nobody should ask me for reason please.

Ikeade: The cinematography did it justice.

Olamide: yup

Ikeade: Next up is Olamide’s favourite genre—animation. So what are your choices? Onward, Over the Moon, A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, Soul, Wolfwalkers

Ikeade: For me, Pick: Wolfwalkers, Prediction: Soul (sadly), Wildcard: Wolfwalkers

Olamide: Agreed💯

Ikeade: I’m really hoping Wolfwalkers wins. Being an outsider studio and trying something different.

Fridous: prediction: Soul

Ikeade: Still playing it safe.

Moving on to the next…Welcome to the acting category. We begin with Best Actress in a supporting role. Maria Bakalova in Borat, Glenn Close in Hillbilly Elegy, Olivia Colman in The Father, Amanda Seyfried in Mank, Yuh-Jung Young in Minari

Fridous: I will follow olamide’s style. Pick jung young, Prediction  jung young, Wildcard:  jung young. She did so well…it was perfect…I love her

Ikeade: Kuku take over her campaign

Olamide: My guy.

Fridous: I dnt even want to know how the others performed 🌚

Olamide: Olivia Coleman pick, Amanda Seyfried prediction, Maria Bakalova wildcard

Ikeade: Pick: Maria Bakalova, Wildcard: Maria again. I’m really rooting for her.

Olamide: Hypocrite. Et Tu moderator?

Ikeade: I just feel anyone could win it between Colman and Seyfried and I didn’t want to pick two again.

Olamide: We might as well call in Rick Gervais now. This session is flawed.
(contd) Coleman most likely. She’s acted opposite Anthony Hopkins.

Ikeade: Too late. You’ll do with what you’ve gotten.

Fridous: It will shock you guys when grandma Soonja wins it

Ikeade: Create hashtag for Mama Sonja

Olamide: Sonja ko soja ni

Ikeade: This is getting personal. I love it

Fridous: Okay…I wont argue with you guys…

Ikeade: You’ll let time show us

Fridous: You have refused to see the light

Ikeade: So let’s talk about Actor in a supporting role: Sacha Baron Cohen in the trial of Chicago 7, Daniel kaluuya in Judas, Leslie Odom jr in One Night in Miami, Paul Raci in sound of metal, LaKeith Stanfield in Judas.
Don’t ask me why there are two actors from Judas and the Black Messiah. 🥲

Fridous: I think I will just stay out of this one…

Ikeade: Good decision. Let’s not call the firefighters tonight.
Pick: LaKeith cos it’s LaKeith. Prediction: Daniel Kaluuya, Wildcard: Sacha

Olamide: Lakeith Stanfield Pick, Daniel Kaluuya prediction, Sacha Cohen wildcard
Because politics

Ikeade: When are we going to discuss this politics that we’ve been shouting.😬

Fridous: 😅

Olamide: I’m sure we all know it. No need.. Doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be there though

Ikeade: We keep teasing readers. But, Yeah I feel you— the current climate

Ikeade: We’ll still stay with the men and make our choices for the leading category

Riz Ahmed in sound of metal, Chadwick Boseman in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Anthony Hopkins in The Father (which Olamide will be reviewing nextweek), ary Oldman in Mank, Steven Yeun in Minari.

Olamide: Boseman might win this

Ikeade: Although I don’t want him to. This thing of giving people awards cos they re dead. I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m insensitive. However,it doesn’t take away from his performance. My Pick: Riz Ahmed, Prediction: Chadwick

Olamide: I understand. But that performance was a stellar one

Fridous: Prediction: Boseman

Ikeade: Drumroll. 🥁 First time we’re all agreeing on a Prediction. I bet he carries it home on Monday

Fridous: Coz he is dead shouldnt cloud the fact that he deserves it.. I grab…I am not moved with things like that too

Ikeade: Heath Ledger won such. Although I’ve not seen that Performance

Fridous: First which movie: Joker?? Patriot?…

Ikeade: yeah, Dark Knight.  And it’s the eight posthumous nomination in 93 years.

Fridous: His performance in that movie was crazy

Olamide: Ledger was good

Ikeade: Thinking about it again, I’ve seen the movie. I thought the nomination was for his role as a gay rancher. Although he also got a nomination for that earlier. So, we’ll be back here on Monday to congratulate Chadwick Boseman posthumously.
All eyes on us. Our dignity hopefully won’t go to mud.

Fridous: Something mountain. With this guy in southpaw. I have forgotten his name

Ikeade: From nightcrawler and was in a museum Netflix horror movie like that last year or so.
What’s his name again. Damn
Appeared in Spiderman 2. Jesus

Fridous: I seriously cant remember…

Ikeade: He has a sister who acts. What’s his name…

Ikeade: So, back to the women.
In the leading category, we have: Viola Davis starring opposite Chadwick, Andra Day in The United States vs. Billie holiday, Vanessa Kirby in Pieces of a woman, Frances McDormand in Nomadland, Carey Mulligan in promising young woman

Fridous: Pick frances McDormand, Prediction viola Davis, Wildcard maybe Carey mulligan , read promising stuff about her in d movie

Ikeade: I see what you did there 😉 Quite promising

Olamide: (runs in screaming) Jake Gyllenhal.

Fridous: Oshey o…adio ologbon

Ikeade: Yesss!
Thank you, Oga Adio.

Olamide: Don’t want to say anything about this category.

Ikeade: I’ll kuku ask myself. Ikeade, what are your choices ooo… 
Pick: Vanessa Kirby, cos I’ve seen the movie, Prediction: Frances McDormand, Wildcard: Carey Mulligan/Andre Day.
Viola should be going home empty-handed this year. There’s a chance that the best actor and actress come from the same film with Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Last time it happened was in 1998. Jack Nicholson and Helena Hunt in As Good as it Gets. Fridous is our classic expert. Have you seen it?

Fridous: No

Ikeade: shame!

Ikeade: And why did Olamide decide to sit this one out?

Olamide: I’d choose Viola but I’m almost sure Viola won’t win it.

Ikeade: Fair point. That role was easy for her tho, wasn’t it.

Olamide: Come on, it’s Viola. But she had to learn to sing sha.

Ikeade: Really. That’s interesting. And it’s not normal singing for that matter. The style is peculiar in some way.

Ikeade: To the final category, BEST PICTURE.  A louder drumroll, anyone? I feel so lazy to type 8 titles.
The Father, Judas, MANK, MINARI, Nomadland, Promising young woman, sound of metal and the trial of Chicago 7

First time in history that all five nominees for best original screenplay are up for best picture. Who said Hollywood isn’t giving us enough originals? Show your face. 😂

Olamide: Man, this is hard. Chicago 7 won’t win this. I’ll go with Mank.

Ikeade: Pick: I’d love it if MANK wins on Monday. Prediction: I believe they’d give it to Nomadland. But it’s hard as Olamide said. Wildcard: Judas/promising young woman (politics). Fridous will go with Minari×3

Fridous: Pick Minari, Prediction nomadland
I even feel like minari can win it

Ikeade: Let the feeling lead you to bet na

Fridous: 🙈

Ikeade: So, as final words wrapped into other categories that we skipped:
does anyone have any predictions that they’d love to just namedrop? Categories such as short film, documentaries, film editing, international feature film, visual effects, writing (adapted and original screenplay)

Olamide: Nah

Fridous: Which movies are in the visual effect category

Ikeade: Love and Monsters which just came to Netflix last weekend or so; The Midnight’s sky, SciFi starring Clooney; Mulan, a flop; The one and Only Ivan from Disney: and TENET

Omg! TENET! Cinema’s ‘saviour’

Olamide: Ouch!

Fridous: The one and only ivan is the monkey movie…I am halfway through love and monsters…I can pick it for the pick and prediction coz I like Dylan o brien

Ikeade: Of course, you do.

Fridous: I dnt think I will ever see tenet

Ikeade: why not? I feel like it might get compensated with the award

Fridous: With stuffs I have read about it… some people think it is weird…there was so much talk about it then.. that it has killed the vibe to watch it

Ikeade: You just have to sit down to watch at once. Don’t watch over multiple days.  Create the time if you’ve.
Thanks for coming this evening. See you at work tomorrow. 😬

Dear reader, before you leave, give us your best Picture, best leading actor, best leading actress, best director and best score prediction in the comments section below and you could win amazing prizes like tickets to the cinema and other treats.
To win a ticket, you have to get at least three correctly.
Winner(s) of all five categories stands a chance for a bigger prize.
Giveaway ends on Sunday, 25th of April, 2021 at 11:59pm and only valid to those resident in Nigeria.



  1. So painful Viola has to wait a few more years before she gets the lead Oscar. I’m her biggest fan but even I do not want Mai Rainey to be the performance that brings it home. I recently read an headline about how the singing voice wasn’t hers. Nah.

    Oya, my predictions. Una for paste nomination list na:

    Best Picture: Nomadlnd
    Best Actress: Frances McDormand
    Best Actor: Riz Ahmed
    Best Director: David Fincher
    Best Score: I don’t know the film’s nominated by Tenet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This year’s Oscar’s has no sure guesses but I’m going to push my luck with mine here.

    Best Picture – Nomadland
    Best leading actor – Anthony Hopkins
    Best leading actress – Andra Day
    Best director – Lee Isaac Chung
    Best score – Soul

    The best actress category is so tight Jesus.
    I’ve got no love for Mank because black and white movies feel so baity. Who knows the Oscar’s might indulge.

    Liked by 1 person

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