Gulder Ultimate Search: Toke Makinwa Under Pressure, as Fans Agitate for Host Replacement

Written by Okediran Adeyemi
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Instagram: Yemi_Write

It is quite disheartening and pathetic to see, that the most anticipated television show in Nigeria, Gulder Ultimate Search, is not getting as much favourable reaction as a lot of the fans had thought it would.

The survival reality show, Gulder Ultimate Search, which dominated the Nigerian airwaves in the early 2000s, has not been making much buzz despite its triumphant return after seven years off-air.

The show that became the most-watched reality TV series in Nigeria before it ended in 2016 has not found its way to many people’s hearts since the beginning of the new season with the “The Age of Craftsmanship” which started on October 16, 2021, running through December 19, 2021.


The Good Old Days of Nigerian Television

Toke Makinwa as the host of Gulder Ultimate Search. Via Gulder Ultimate Search (Instagram)

Why have majority of the fans of the reality TV program shown their displeasure concerning the number of viewers that have been engaging the program since its return?

It has been noted that the show has not been discussed on social media platforms like its counterparts, The Voice Nigeria whose fourth season will start any moment from now, and the most engaged TV series on social media platforms, Big Brother Naija. It should be noted that people once agitated for the organizers of GUS to bring back the survival reality show to replace BBN because people viewed BBN as a way of promoting immorality in our society today.

In a bid to find where the organizers got it all wrong, viewers have pointed out the personality of the reality show host, Toke Makinwa, and how it does not synchronize with the concept of the show.

It is pertinent to say your choice of host will determine if your event or show will make airwaves or go stale. People have been saying that Makinwa can do better by sharing details and snippets of the program on her social media pages, thus generating more viewers for the show.


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One of the reasons BBNaija is still relevant is because the personality of the host, Ebuka, synchronizes and resonates with what the show is all about. His appearances and fashion statements also give the show a special kind of publicity.

People have also referenced Frank Edoho of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, WWBM, not because of anything, but because he made himself part of the system, and anchored it so well.

The choice of tasks and mode of eviction is another thing that shows that the organizers were not fully prepared to return, when compared with the success story they achieved in previous seasons before the long exit from our screens. 

Finally, while the majority of the people believe that there’s a place of growth following the fact that it is the first time Toke has held such a role, which isn’t what she’s typically known for, some believe since the nature of the show is survival reality, a fitness enthusiast like Kate Henshaw or Kemen would have been better, due to the fact that it is widely known as their field and their content naturally revolves around fitness.

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