Tada: A Simple Guide to DISNEY 2.0

The Mickey Mouse fun house is about to get crowded with new guests. It turns out these guests would be hanging around for a long time to come.
Earlier this week, Disney closed the deal of the year as it completed its takeover/acquisition of a large part of the 21st century Fox. You know when the big bad, or well not so good guy gets attacked and attacked, instead of getting down on its knees and giving up or dying, instead it double resizes, ready for the next round of battle. The next round of battle being the online digital war.

source: Variety; https://variety.com/2019/biz/news/disney-fox-deal-complete-1203167374/

It all started two years ago and took a couple of turns before the Mouse house finally pounced on a suitable deal that sees it acquiring a big part of 21st Century Fox that we have come to know and love.

This means in simpler words, that a whole bunch of 21st Century Fox subsidiaries along with their contents, franchise and faces would be making itself comfortable under the mouse house, in what would take lot of restructuring over the next months.
Faces like Deadpool, Simpsons, Atlanta (with Donald Glover), Avatar, and a whole bunch of other materials that have been released under the large 21st century banner over the last years would be moving to Disney. Not forgetting the X-men franchise and the budding Kingsman franchise. These being under Disney’s control, makes it also available to the hands of Marvel. Disney had been involved with other deals in the last century that saw them acquire Marvel, Pixar and LucasFilm ( creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchise).

source: Variety; https://variety.com/2018/biz/news/disney-21st-century-fox-counter-bigger-offer-comcast-1202851891/

This large pool of content has given Disney virtually the most stacked library in Hollywood at the moment. This would help the Disney team in their digital wars against streaming services, most especially Netflix. For Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+, it now has a whole library of beloved content to remix and tell new stories from. This additional contents that they have suddenly acquired at the snap of Thanos fingers is one which Netflix has been trying to build over the years with higher original content programming. What is your favourite Netflix original content till date?

Officially, Disney now own Fox’s film and TV studio, National Geographic, FX networks, India’s TV outfit Star India, and Fox’s 30 percent stake in Hulu. I am looking forward to Disney’s play with Hulu and the new streaming service that would be coming from Disney this year. While Disney want to also lead in the digital world, cos they are pissed that Netflix is winning, the company also needs to tell new refreshing stories in order to draw people back to the cinema. Lesser reboots and more of original mixing and risk-taking in storytelling. But Disney being Disney, no matter the amount of content they have at hand and licensing to be able to produce awesome contents, they remain a pain in the ass of their filmmakers by not giving them full creative control over the ways they want to tell their stories. Netflix have learnt otherwise in this area of creative flexibility.

The big question on our minds is how these known movies would change over the coming years under their newly found household. Do they take new directions or do they remain the same? or do we get a bit of mixing and pounding?
Does Deadpool remain R rated under the family friendly, Disney banner?
Would beloved Atlanta be allowed to continue its provocative stories? Would there be more restrictions?
Do we get an even bigger superhero comic universe?
How is such a big empire even going to run?

So many questions with ‘make-a-wish’ answers right now. Wait a minute, is the Big N, Netflix fucked? Oh la la. The party is about to get a bit funkier at Disney.

So, what remains of 21st Century Fox, as a large part of it has been acquired. It transforms into a slimmer company that would be known now as Fox Corporation. Under it, would be Fox Sports, Fox Broadcasting and Fox News, which is more of a focus on the television broadcasting world for the Murdoch family.

I’m so looking forward to the first Fox-material release from the Disney palace. It would tell us a lot about the future.
The Mickey house just got loaded. It better use this to some good cheesy chewy use.

Bis Bald!


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