Ndani TV’s ‘Ratings’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “Rona Scare”

FJ rejects a passenger’s fare.

In this episode, titled “Rona Scare”, an elderly passenger, Mummy Ayo (Idowu Philips aka Iya Rainbow), who likely has corona, does not inform FJ until he has accepted banana and groundnuts from her. This freaks FJ out and he decides not to continue with the journey by citing the usual “family emergency” excuse. At the end of the episode, she even wants to pay for the ride which FJ refuses and drops her off before her actual destination.

FJ and his newest passenger, Mummy Ayo (Iya Rainbow). Via NdaniTV.

The episode starts as a very pleasurable ride with FJ and Mummy Ayo enjoying each other’s company as they discuss ways that the coronavirus has affected them in response to the radio’s information on the virus.

During the trip, FJ laments about the coronavirus and the dwindling economy as the radio presenters discuss how the availability of vaccines would help reopen the economy. On the other hand, the passenger’s problem with the coronavirus are the parties that had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. As a yoruba mother, you know. Two different people, two different challenges caused by the coronavirus. FJ is searching for money, Mummy Ayo just wants to attend parties. This shows the reality of the virus in our lives. We all have different reasons to hate the pandemic and each person’s reality is unique. But the widely contrasting effects on the two characters in this episode makes it hilarious.

Via NdaniTV.

The pleasurable ride, a kind of journey that FJ can hardly boast of even takes a respectable turn when he is offered banana and groundnut which he consumes instantly and being all thankful for the gift. Shortly after, mummy Ayo receives a phone call, which FJ eavesdrops on as usual, and he learns that she is returning from a coronavirus testing centre. Right at this moment, he loses his cool and wants her out of his vehicle immediately. A series of smooth edits makes it more hilarious when we see a flashback of the woman coughing into her palms ( not her elbow as generally advised), and offering FJ the snacks minutes earlier which FJ consumed already. This interesting montage is basically his life flashing before his eyes in black and white.

Mummy Ayo receiving her phone call. Via NdaniTV.

At this point, all respect is thrown out the window and things go south. What would have been his best ride so far as they communicated well and enjoyed each other’s company, turns into a nightmare for FJ who must not die young because of Cynthia and his family o! At the end of the episode, we have an elderly woman who potentially has corona by the side of the road and FJ disinfecting his car before driving away. This episode marks an improvement from the previous two episodes, most especially the dull fourth episode.

A terrified FJ. Via NdaniTV.

Nevertheless, I still find the introduction of the corona story ridiculous. The series never really stated in previous episodes that the story series is set during the COVID-19 pandemic or maybe I just don’t remember it being foreshadowed. But I am sure I have been paying attention quite well. Due to the short length, I watch them 3-4 times. I find this sudden introduction of coronavirus weak and FJ’s sudden fear for the virus not reasonable because we never saw him use face masks during previous trips, which most drivers should use. Even in the last episode, a passenger sits in front with him without a mask neither did he have one on, and such foundations of corona fears of his were not laid. 

In episode 5, he even handed the three passengers a bottle of groundnut and a bucket of sweets which he took back without wiping or gloves usage. So, where is this sudden corona fear coming from? Do they want us to take each episode as standalones, even when FJ is a constant? As FJ complained in previous episodes about money issues, they could have also made him complain about the pandemic making things harder, not just waiting until this episode to reveal such fears.

However, this does not take away the fact that it is a funny episode, which still doesn’t match my favourites, episode 2 and 3.

This episode was written by Jacinta Amune, a new writer on the show, and directed by Adekunly Bryan Oyetunde.

Ratings: C

Side Musings

  • The first few seconds of the episode when he picks his nose, touches his face multiple times and eats chinchin was total comedy. He didn’t have to say a single word, just the voice over the radio giving coronavirus warnings and his actions doing the opposite were enough. As the lady says “wash your hands and use a hand sanitizer”, FJ cleans his hands with his jeans trousers lol.
  • I just find it problematic with the sudden introduction of the corona fears. Nevertheless, they deserve credit for the informative episode by adding an announcement at the start of the episode about the coronavirus and where to find more information and help
  • FJ is genuinely an estate realtor at this point.

A new episode drops every Friday at 3pm on Ndani’s Youtube Channel. We publish a recap every Saturday.

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