Our Team

Managing Editor


Ikeade is a wallflower, movie and TV lover, who hopes he gets to watch everything available at some point. Dying interest in football (Arsenal fan) and growing interest in cinema.
Instagram: @Ade_love3000
Twitter: @HerrOriade



Writing Contributors

Olamide is an original child of God whose works have appeared on Agbowo and The Republic. He lives in and writes from a Rainbow in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is not an Arsenal fan.


Fridous is a creative who loves movies and football (a staunch supporter of Manchester United); and seizes every opportunity to infuse her artistic talent in analysing them.
Instagram: @frikky_t
Twitter: @TFrikky

Social Media

Molayo is a k-drama addict who has no intention to break free. She’s a writer, a budding product designer and knows a little something about everything.
Instagram: @molayo_
Twitter: @molayo_1


Toochi is a Mass Communication student of the University of Lagos. She’s a creative writer and also an aspiring news writer who loves reading books preferably with an African setting. During her free time she enjoys listening to music, watching movies and occasionally being mischievous. She also volunteers at a campus magazine as a writer and is still looking to gain more experience.

Christabel is a student of Mass communication who has a strong passion for writing and reading. She loves reading and watching movies in the action, comedy, adventure, fantasy and horror categories. She still doesn’t understand what her friends see in football but she loves music, food and having fun. In general, she likes to chill.