As an inspired writer, you can submit a written piece of your choice to be published.

A paid article solely belongs to the blog and can not be published on other outlets. You retain writing credits and links to your socials.

A non-paid article can be published on multiple outlets and the contributor always possesses the rights to pull it down anytime upon request. Moreover, this can be authored work already available on the web.

Short articles and reviews

  • 250-700 words
  • Writers are asked to submit a 50-100 word synopsis, summary or pitch, with completed work to be submitted upon approval.

Feature articles, essays, long-form reviews and analysis

  • 700-1500 words
  • Writers are asked to submit a 50-100 word synopsis, summary or pitch, with completed work to be submitted upon approval.


  1. Listicles are listicles.
  2. Reviews: Do you want a reader to watch a film or TV show? Let them know the positives as well as the negatives. It would be best to let them make decisions themselves while guiding them with your words. Try to only share your ideas and perspective. Place the work (film or TV series) in a greater social or political context. Might include occasional deeper analysis that fills 1-2 paragraphs. 250-900 words
  3. Analysis/Breakdown: delving deeper and reading between the lines. These are mostly things that have not been presented directly through the medium. Often appear through fashion, music choice, themes, colour use, characterization etc. 750-1500 words
  4. Opinion/Feature articles: based on trending topics making rounds. This would be in the form of a discussion or comment to a statement that was made by someone in the industry which has generated public chitchat. Such as cinema vs. streaming services, the rise of superhero content, etc 750-1500 words

You can submit your synopsis or pitch here or directly via email,

Love Letter Series

As a mere reader and visitor, you can take part in a series of Love Letters. In this series, you can write a quirky note of 10-50 words to your favourite movie/TV show/filmmaker/film composer/crew/cast. These notes could take other forms of writing, such as poems (tanka/haiku) or love letters that you would slip to a crush. It could be directed to an abstract element or anything you love about a film you have just watched or an ended series that you miss. Gush about anything film related. This would be compiled and published at intervals as a love letter series. Submission can be done here. An example below:

“Oh Seeley Booth
Oh Temperance Bones
How much I would give to watch you break bones
and bust bad guys again”

This is a 21-word text directed at the ended Bones series on FOX, which this reader misses after four years. Be creative and speak from your heart.