Is Streaming The Inevitable End For The Cinema Industry?

Dear readers,

The cinema industry as we know it is dying. The pandemic has given people an array of options to choose for entertainment. Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and the others are here to stay. But, will the industry be able to withstand these challenges and bounce back to regain its former glory?
In a three part series, the team will express their personal opinions on the future of cinema.

Issue #2
Issue #3

There is no way to predict the future for movie theatres, but as of right now, it seems COVID has a bigger plan for them. The emergence of the streaming world was already on us but did COVID just accelerate the inevitable?
The death of the cinema industry has been foreseen for a long time  but things have never looked as dreary as it is now. A lot of movies like, No Time To Die, Fast and the Furious, A Quiet Place II, The Conjuring and other blockbusters were delayed till 2021 due to the unforeseen pandemic. I would not go to the extent of saying that cinema viewing is dead, no one is going to say that shopping is dead because we have delivery services. The fun derived from trying on new clothes, seeing different designs and of course, going with friends is the real deal. Humans are gregarious beings, we tend to enjoy the company of others, and one of the places where one can have fun, meet other people, and plan another date is at the movies.
So, here comes the big bang question—will the theatre survive post COVID? It is a big ‘maybe’. However, one must not totally  dead the idea of cinema coming back stronger to what it usually was. 

Screenshot from my Netflix profile

The streaming world has taken over the cinema during this pandemic. Our homes have turned into our own little cinema. There will always be people who would be like, “I can never go to the cinema again” after watching hundreds of movies from the comfort of their home. The streaming services like Netflix, Showmax and Amazon have taken over the rein from theatre chains. Deals can be made between filmmakers and streaming services, which means movies will still be made but the cinematic experience will likely die down over time.

Source: Aviron Pictures Harding from the movie ‘After’. Which girl would want to watch this guy alone🤔

Going to the cinema is an experience, an art on its own. The feeling of shrieking, shouting or clapping with random strangers makes the moment more exciting—to me at least. I would have loved to see ‘After’ with my girlfriends and “awwn” or giggle at the sight of Hardin, but COVID had other plans. There will always be that movie that you would have loved or preferred to see with someone(the cinema experience sort), rather than cozying up and enjoying it alone. Cinemas are slowly reopening but I doubt they’ll have a high number of viewers because safety will always be a predominant question on people’s minds. This is an ever changing world, humans will continue to adapt and innovate ideas. With this view, the concept of a drive-thru cinema comes to mind to instill the notion that cinema will always be with us or what do y’all think? But then, this idea (drive-thru) won’t always work due to varying weather.
One could say that the future of the cinema is closely hinged with the breakthrough of science. Once COVID is over, the last place I want to be is my room. What will be more refreshing than going to the cinema with friends and catching up, probably seeing No Time to Die. I guess I’ll see you at the movies.

Keep an eye out for the other entries in this ‘Future of Cinema’ series which drop on 16/01/2021 and 17/01/2021.

The issue #2 can be read here.
Issue #3 is available here.


  1. Watching from home is chill, but the cinema experience is still unbeatable for me. I enjoy going to the movies alone and I have missed it immensely.

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    • I think they serve a different purpose for me…I love going to the cinema with friends…but most of the times, i still prefer watching and enjoying my movie alone…but a movie where there is a hot guy that I will simp over, either the cinema or home will do😅


  2. I am literally not a cinema fan, I have only been there once, apparently I love my personal space while watching movies, but at some point, particularly during this pandemic, I got tired of that same place, and started wishing I had gone to d cinema particularly more frequently, and once all these is over, I am taking my first visit to the cinema 😁

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  3. Cinemas will always be around because they serve a purpose, no matter the amount of options streaming services offer.

    Like you said, we’re humans. We’d always find ways to adapt. Nice writeup by the way.

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  4. Nice write up, As for me streaming movies in the comfort of my room and watching at the cinema brings different experiences, i choose which to go for depending on the feeling i want to get.No doubts the cinematic experience with a friend or B😀😋 hits differently, it brings this unexplainable relief, feeling of me being in a different world with no worries. I hope to visit the cinema soon , really can’t wait for life to be back to normal: i really hope it does.

    Liked by 1 person

      • What about those that already had home cinemas in their houses. They were still getting the cinema experience somewhat while in the comfort of their homes. Lovely write up.


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