Jada and Will Smith’s Westbrook Studio Joins Forces with Nigeria’s EbonyLife For TV and Movie Production

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Westbrook studio is collaborating with EbonyLife, one of Nigeria’s leading media content companies for a new slate of TV shows and film projects, according to Deadline.

Image via Phil McCarten/Invision/AP.

The companies will work together to produce at least two series and one film. The production of two series which will be focusing on African themed stories is already underway. One of it is Dada Safaris, an Afropolitan drama-comedy series about four best friends who find themselves at personal and career dead ends. One of them inherits a long-forgotten family Safari lodge of her late husband’s and invites her friends to share in her newly found purpose.

Another project on its way  is The Gods. It focuses on a pair of married Cambridge professors who set out to find out the reason behind a wave of natural disasters, instead they find seven long-forgotten African gods. With the help of two divine children, they seek to find the answers behind the disasters before the world they know is forever transformed.

Along with the new two shows is Are We Getting Married. It is a comedy film set in the U.S and it tells the story of the daughter of a very wealthy family who falls in love with an African-American in Atalanta and their choice to get married. They are torn between doing something intimate for the wedding or a big Yoruba wedding ceremony like their parents wanted.

Ebonylife has formerly struck a deal with Netflix and Sony Pictures. This recent development means Ebonylife has her hands full and we are yet to see any major releases from these announced deals. The projects on ground really look exciting and I am sure viewers  can’t wait for what EbonyLife and her recent partnerships   have in store. Also, Will Smith is set to reprise his role in the iconic sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as a drama series for Peacock, NBC’s streaming service.


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