The Gen Z and Millennial Truce Show

Written by John Jeremiah
Twitter : TheRebelGriot

Credit: Disney / Dennis Abate

The love for cinema and all the endless worlds it takes people to cuts across age groups, gender, sexuality, religion and race. The satirical feud between Gen Zers (people born between 1997-2015) and Millennials (people born between 1981-1996) on social media is one that is both funny and pointless to see.  TikTok has been home to most of the battles between the two generations. Every stone— from skinny jeans, hairstyles, to emoji usage has been unturned. 

Good Boys (2019). via Universal Pictures

However, cinema might also not be spared from this infighting. Don’t bother stressing over where the lines in cinema might be for the two generations. We have compiled a list of 5 movies/franchises that  the Gen Zers and Millennials might never hold in the same regard or could they? 

1. The Twilight Saga (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)

Poster via Summit entertainment

 The vampire vs werewolf ancient feud having spurned many movies, also birthed this. Looking beyond vampire versus werewolf elements to this series of movies. More importantly, the movie franchise looks closely at the fight between two age groups (wait!!! That sounds like a group of people we know ). While many millennials may ask questions like, “why would vampires settle to being in high school after 300 years on earth?”, it doesn’t take away the fact that many Gen Zers sobbed their pillows out as events unfolded over the 5 part movie.

2. All the Disney remakes

Image via Disney

The recent live-action remake of some of Disney cartoon classics is one most millennials might consider sacrilegious. They might feel the relics of their childhood have been tampered with, when the case is just that they have been remade for a younger audience. Same powerful stories, now reaching wider audiences. Millennials should be happy that their stories are being shared with the younger generation. Not everyone still values 2D animations, but with better CGI and VFX, a lot more people now enjoy these stories.  We hope that they see this and everyone as the winner here.

3. The Terminator ; part 1 (1984) and 2 (1991)

Poster via Orion pictures

Not everyone grew up seeing a maniacal cyborg who had been sent back in time raging cities while looking for Sarah Connor or her son. Gen Zers might not see the magic that James Cameron crafted in the form of these movies due to the presence of better and more realistic visual effects today. Still, it doesn’t take away the fact that these movies were awesome. Gen Zers might get a little of this dopamine from Dark Fate (2019), which was supposed to be the third installment in the series but the studio happened.

4. Booksmart (2019)

Poster via United Artists Releasing

Booksmart is a creative attempt at encapsulating all that has been happening in the world especially in the spheres of politics while placing two teens at the heart of the story. The brilliance of this movie comes to light when doses of humor and comedy are delivered with good timing. While many might have enjoyed this movie, some folks from the 80s and 90s might feel it was too political.

5. Good Boys (2019)

Poster via Universal Pictures

While there have been many children-themed prank movies, they all seemed like alternate versions of Home Alone (1990) and (1992). However, in 2019, three boys graced our screens while trying to undo the damage they had done to a property of one of their father’s. Millennials might feel threatened that these three boys have come to take the place Home Alone had in their hearts, but no worries! Good Boys is just one movie compared to the two movies Kevin McCallister (main character in Home Alone 1 and 2) starred in, and it’s one boy against three boys too. Wait!!! Kevin McCallister had 2 movies while the three boys from Good Boys had 1 movie, does that make it fair ? What do you think ?

Special mentions:

  • The hate U Give (2018)
  • Everything, Everything (2017)
  • Superman Returns (2005)
  • The Spiderman trilogy

With these few points of ours, we hope we have been able to convince and not confuse you that the topic of this listicle is correct. Feel the list is incomplete? Yes! We just read your mind and think you are correct! We would like to hear your thoughts and lists. Drop your comments and let’s get talking.

John Jeremiah is an art lover who just wants to watch films and be taken care of.  If he isn’t seeing something, he’s probably reading or eating okpa.

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