Ndani TV’s ‘Ratings’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10, “Scam” (Finale)

FJ finally throws in the towel.

All roads lead to Ilesha for FJ. So, is this how it ends for FJ or was it just a brief moment of defeat?
In the final episode of the season, “Scam”, FJ has two male passengers (Temisan Emmanuel and Paul Nnadiekwe) who are merely sharing the ride and are totally strangers. During the trip, both men fall into a conversation about finances, covering money and employment opportunities. Phillip, played by Temisan, claims he is rich and has a business he can introduce Vincent (Paul Nnadiekwe) to so that he can stop worrying about unnecessary interviews, which is quite ironic since they were both just coming from one.

two gentlemen (Temisan Emmanuel and Paul Nnadiekwe). Via NdaniTV.

The business is basically a money doubling scheme and Phillip  requests for 500k, promising 100% returns of 1 million the next day. Vincent is deep into this conversation and is very interested in investing in this too-good-to-be-true business. All that is left is a phone call and maybe he might just be a millionaire after 24 hours. However, FJ, as always, is interested since it is money talk and he has been quiet for a record period during the whole season. He requests for more details and asks questions that the first man failed to ask. During this interrogation, FJ notices flaws in the man’s explanations. 

Viewers must have known that the man isn’t who he claimed to be and he is clearly dubious. We have all heard tales of money doublers as kids, haven’t we? We still find it funny when FJ interrogates him until the suspect is forced to give up, ending up a frustrated person and he decides to alight from the vehicle.

As the journey continues with a single passenger, the man is thankful to FJ for saving him. But when they reach his destination, they find out that it’s the other man who ordered the ride. One way or the other, the dubious man got something out of the trip. At this point, you can see the pain in FJ’s eyes when Vincent offers him 50 naira out of a fare of 9500 naira.

FJ really needed the money, he didnt even ask for 5 stars, even though the man wouldn’t have been able to do that either. Via NdaniTV.

In this moment of defeat, FJ resolves to return to Ilesha because Lagos isn’t the place for him at all. This episode was written by Jacinta Amune and directed by Adekunle Bryan Oyetunde.

Ratings: C+

Overall season rating: 7/10

Side Musings

  • During the first part of this trip with the three men in the car, it marked the first time that FJ kept his mouth shut over a long period during the season and the two passengers did most of the talking. I found that amusing and a part of me was thinking, “his suffering ends here”.
  • Anytime FJ says “cash or transfer”, I just start laughing and weeping for him cos I know he won’t be getting jack.
  • It is a good thing that FJ didn’t lose money to police throughout the season. He lost all to complicated Lagos passengers. For all we know about Lagos, each episode could have been an elaborate plan to avoid payment. Think about it!
  • Yaba, here we come or more like Ilesha, here we come!
  • Thanks, readers! See you another time. It has been wonderful in the last ten weeks.

You can find the first season on Ndani TV’s Youtube channel.

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