Ndani TV’s ‘Ratings’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “Bad Market”

The misadventure continues in this 9th episode of bad fortune.

In which form can FJ’s misfortune appear that we’ve never seen before? I bet it can’t even disguise itself anymore— not as a nagging couple, as a girl who’s recently gotten her heart broken, not even as a potential coronavirus patient— we have seen it all, right?.

But when we think we’ve seen it all, then it repackages itself. Whoever FJ offended should just come out at this point. It could be that:
FJ was a rascal student that was cursed by his teacher;
FJ  splashed soiled rain water on an old woman; or
FJ  cheated an innocent child out of something important..
Who exactly did FJ offend? Sadly, we’ll never know.

problematic passenger (Caroline Igben). Via NdaniTV.

Episode 8 begins, as always, with a trip and a problematic passenger (Caroline Igben) who has issues with everything FJ says or does.There’s a detour on the way to her final destination. She tells FJ that she needs to pick something up and would only take a few minutes. However, she spends more than the requested time, leaving FJ frustrated, because a meeting was called at his ‘LasGidi Realtor’ office and he’s not available to partake. Where was such an emergency meeting phone call when FJ needed it in the past? Although he found a way around this,  he’s still not happy that the woman has taken so much of his time. For this reason, FJ isn’t interested in driving her anywhere else and wants to end the trip here.

Landlord, Bethel Njoku, enters the picture. Via NdaniTV.

During this debate, a man (Bethel Njoku) appears and FJ is totally in awe of him and his choice of words are full of respect. Also, he can barely finish his sentences anymore. We get to know that this man is FJ’s landlord, who FJ has been owing for three months. With this, we can be sure that FJ isn’t lying or overexaggerating whenever he says that things are hard. Things are really hard! The landlord orders FJ to drive the woman to any location she wishes, and tells him to remove the cost from his rent debt.

Stay strong, FJ! Via NdaniTV.

What more can FJ ask for at this point? It’s only to plead for five star ratings, which the woman unfortunately can not give him since the landlord ordered the ride. The episode ends with FJ exclaiming, “…because I don’t understand”. We sef don’t understand this bad luck that he’s carrying like a bag-packing traveller.

In this very modest episode, his woes deepen and we’re starting to feel the effects of his economic challenges. Stay strong, FJ! All it takes is one superstar passenger!

Ratings: C+

Side Musings

  • FJ should’ve countered the landlord’s threat. Cos I don’t think whatever he was doing with that lady is something he would want in the open. And unluckily for FJ, the landlord could just be someone without shame. Are you really her uncle, Mr. Landlord?
  • We should play a drinking game anytime FJ says ‘spoils’ his face in an episode. Just take a shot anytime his smile turns to a frown. Don’t say I got you drunk! 

A new episode drops every Friday at 3pm on Ndani’s Youtube Channel. We publish a recap every Saturday.

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