Love Letter Series

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As a mere reader and visitor, you can take part in a series of Love Letters. In this series, you can write a quirky note of 10-50 words to your favourite movie/TV show/filmmaker/film composer/crew/cast.

These notes could take other forms of writing, such as poems (tanka/haiku) or love letters that you would slip to a crush. It could be directed to an abstract element or anything you love about a film you have just watched or an ended series that you miss. Ranging from a memorable TV apartment (Don Draper’s condo), car (El Camino or Pearson’s family wagon), pet (John Wick’s dog), etc. Just let your creativity fly with those memories of yours. Remember, any form of short writing!

Gush about anything film related. This would be compiled and published at intervals as a love letter series. Submission can be done on the contact page or email with Love Letter Series as subject line and links to your socials. An example below:

“Oh Seeley Booth
Oh Temperance Bones
How much I would give to watch you break bones
and bust bad guys again”
This is a 21-word text directed at the ended Bones series on FOX, which this reader misses after four years. Be creative and speak from your heart.

You would be contacted when your entry gets published. Multiple entries also allowed.