Cool Kids Wanna Be Cool and Hating On Arrowverse is First on Their List

From people faking and claiming depression, to being insomniac, it seems the newest coolest thing in town for the cool kids of the 90s this century is hating on the entire Arrowverse. What has Greg Berlanti done to deserve this hatred? Who has Oliver Queen failed to receive this much criticism for the house he built, or did Barry Allen make a few unlikable changes to your life through his numerous time travel? This is just pure jumping on the hatred Wagon without having true or real reasons for the criticism. I know the idea is to break down both sides, but right from the first paragraph, it seems I’ve taken a definite side to lend my superhero hands or fingers or pen to. Basically, you all smell some bias bullshit right from this paragraph. Don’t worry, I’m getting there. I just needed a badass introduction to make you familiar with the issue we’re dealing with here. Cos, it’s all I’M A COOL KID and I’M ALTERNATIVE crap. No you’re neither alternative nor with special taste, you’re just a FAKER HATER!

I hope we’re together on the same ground now, and I’ve not portrayed the haters like some big bad metahumans (Cisco might have a better name for them anyway). No they aren’t metahumans. They’re totally normal humans who have just further developed the natural ability of humans to hate on anything once they’ve gotten the route to a tiny bit of alternative options.

left to right: Black Lightning, Supergirl, Flash, White Canary(Legends of Tomorrow) and Arrow.

For those who aren’t still with me or who don’t get what all this is about yet: The arrowverse is a universe for a number of TV shows. It is the house Oliver Queen built on TV (shove that in your cape, Batman). It consists of Arrow (founding fathers), The Flash (the one who receives the most hate), Legends of Tomorrow (the best of them all) and Supergirl (the one who just fell into the crossfire of hatred). It can also be said Black Lightning falls under, but definitive confirmations have not been made on future crossovers or links. The other four shows except from Black Lightning have all had various crossover events in the past, casually doing what MCU has been doing, but just on television. And a big warning; you should note this has been done on lesser budget.

Do we need a quick rundown on these shows? Not like you would leave a comment, so let me answer, “I don’t think so”. Arrow focuses on fight against humans in form of gangs and mobs in his Star city. Flash fights metahumans; humans who have been fueled with super strength of various forms. Legends of Tomorrow is like the Guardians of Galaxy but with rogue and more uncultured members who protect time. And Supergirl on an entirely different earth fights Aliens. So the difference had been made clear, in case you never noticed. Well, this doesn’t mean Supergirl doesn’t touch normal humans when need be. Humans could be crazy sometimes on her earth. Of course she has to do something. Doesn’t mean either that Oliver Queen who is the Arrow doesn’t have to deal with meta humans a few times. He has to, if they’ve failed his city of course.

I’ve never been an avid superhero comic book reader. I was more of the Archie type. But from what I know and what you should know, MOST of the storylines are always drawn from the comic sources. Taking the major hate that Flash gets for example, “Almost everyone on Team Flash basically has a power now. Urghh”. Aunty and Uncle, see, all of this didn’t just spring out of nowhere. The seeds had always been laid most times if you followed closely and they all often tie back to the comic sources. I understand your frustration, seeing so many people in a closed community having powers like it’s herpes, and you who’s been hanging around a transformer for the past 5 years not having any luck with any power other than being accused of wanting to steal a piece of your community’s power station. For the true comic fans who I have followed over the years on the internet, they geek out so much when a character get his story developed in close relation to its comic source origin cos it’s like seeing a childhood dream come true right before your eyes. But you, Ipetumodu Pirate, has some sort of problem with that. Please you can deal with it. The Flash as a name doesn’t only mean you are gonna be watching the man who is under the blazing red costume, rather the man who is under the costume, the people all around him, his team, his family, friends and how he deals with all of that shit altogether while reminding us at the beginning of every episode that he is the fastest man alive and after every danger and then, that he has to end up with Iris West. Flash suffers the most hostility.

Dear Peter from Deadpool 2.

Another criticism is people talking about the calculations and science behind it not being right or believable. Hey! How is a man becoming so fast in the first place believable? But you dealt with that, cos you were not yet so coooool. Now you’ve grown too big for your mask to look beyond that and every science bits behind his rescue missions get questioned. There’s no real life believable science behind any of the superhero stuff that we watch except from the physics of Peter (Hey! Deadpool). That’s the only real life science; that we all die! No sugarcoating. It is as simple as that. So suddenly you worry about the trajectory at which Oliver Queen’s arrow travels? Wow! Cool kid, I’m proud on [sic] you. Yo mama’s introtech fees isn’t going to waste. If you’re really sure this is a problem for you, talking about the science behind ‘superheroism’, then you shouldn’t watch or be a fan of any superhero or science fiction movie at all. But, naaah. You’ll probably be the first in line to watch Endgame. So there’s science behind that,  Or just plain meta bias? I know people who don’t watch and aren’t fans of anything superhero for this reason and I understand that. It’s accepted (as the unofficial elected president of apology acceptance letters). These people have decided to stay clear superhero flicks in general which is quite understandable, but not like ‘cool kids’ enjoying MCU in theatre or Legion on FX while hating on the Scarlet Speedster for some ‘lets just hate and be cool’ reasons. Most of y’all just think you’ve overgrown it. Then please, overgrow it and move on. Don’t ruin the taste for others cos you think it’s ‘cool’. No it’s not!

Another common thing the cool kids would say is “the writing is bad”. What do you know about writing when your vocabulary is limited to ‘cool’ human abbreviations and slangs like ‘af’, ‘coochie’, ‘talmbout’, ‘clout’, ‘btw’ , ‘ily’ , ‘in Addy’ or whatever new word you hear on the latest high school flick that you watch. So what’s the complain about bad writing, uhn, cool kid. Cos you’re watching House of Cards now?

The hostility against Flash hasn’t even given people the chance to watch Legends of Tomorrow which is the best and closest thing to comic book vibes that you’ll see on TV. (you can read my review here)
This bad blood blocks you from seeing other good things that the universe has to offer.
Supergirl gets hated on cos she fights aliens or as they say “weird people”. I hope you’re not forgetting that Supergirl isn’t from this earth though. She’s more or less like an alien also. It is to be believed that her enemies would be those who have followed her to earth. So you don’t expect her to be fighting just normal humans or metas. I think, the thing is people sometimes forget she’s not from earth cos she looks like normal human. Maybe it would have helped if her skin had been given a different shade or if she had horns sticking out of her forehead. But I guess the creators know best as they wanted her to be relatable to the people of earth, so of course her planet of origin is filled with people who have similar appearance to the ‘cool’ humans of earth. But do not forget, she’s not human. There’s also no reasonable science to explain that phenomenon to you who possess the ‘higher mind’.

You can enjoy your Animes, Rick and Mortys, Game of Thrones, Handmaid’s Tale, Star Trek, Gotham, Stranger Things, Mr Robot, Black Mirror, Atlanta, American gods and deep shows like Insecure while not hating on some others cos you’ve moved passed them. You used to enjoy them at some point. But now you’re ‘cool’ or ‘wannabe cool’. Hating on the arrowverse isn’t the badge to unlocking that level. That’s my point. The only criticism I’d accept against the arrowverse is death being toyed with ever since the introduction of the Lazarus pit. Ever since, people come back from death every now and then, thanks to multiple universes and earths. This should be more like a thumbs up to the creativity of the writers though. But still, some deaths should stick to make us realise that something is at stake from time to time. It is normal to have a few reservations about what one watches, but constant hatred isn’t allowed nor fair. There is no perfect TV show, not even Game of Thrones. You can try to name one, I would binge it as soon as I can (if it’s not something I have not seen) and I would come up with a list of negative things about it. It is easy. Peak TV has turned us to cool spoiled brats.

You’re allowed to watch and appreciate other shows and not hate on others. It’s totally allowed. You know that right? Okay, a tiny wince of hating might be allowed cos your show is complex, superbly written and not for the ordinary mind, but a full blown out daily hatred on some others like the arrowverse isn’t a cool thing to do. If you can’t explain the science behind Spider-Man to me in the comments section, then drop the coolness costume for some good human act.

Disclaimer: This is no witch-hunt or sub. It is just my opinion which you can tackle in the comments section, but we both know you won’t.

Bis Bald!


  1. funny thing is you claimed we’re hating for no reason and you went ahead to tell us how we’re supposed to overlook their shortcomings and continue with the show when there are better shows to enjoy that won’t leave you bewildered at sci-fi turned magic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I claimed y’all are hating for no reason? Nahh. I mentioned the reasons for the hating and gave points why those reasons are not even valid.
      There is no statement in the piece that says you should resume the shows. But the daily negativity should be stopped. If you feel you have moved passed them, then do so freely, but not by constant hatred just for the sake of being cool. That’s the point. Reread the last two paragraphs. Point is stop badmouthing your ex. Just move on. I bet you enjoy Dr. Strange though?


  2. I can badmouth my ex of she deserves it… I feel like the criticisms should increase so they’d know how bad they fucked up 😒


    • I don’t see any fuckup from my perspective still. All superhero stuffs are filled with ‘magic’. Things don’t have to happen so straightforward. Then I guess you should quit superhero stuffs as a whole.🤷


    • let us stick with the ex girlfriend analogy.
      If you dont want to be with a girl anymore, you dont have to badmouth her after breaking up with her.
      so you claim, you are badmouthing cos you want her to change/improve, but this ex of yours claims there is nothing to change that she is happy the way she is and there are other suitors who love and understand her the way she is. so it is your own duty to move on cleanly and to stop the constant badmouth , feeling like a Gee just because you have found something new. You can enjoy your new relationship(s) without hating on the old one.


  3. Hi, I couldn’t pin the date on this but the shows have really grown. Amma stop seeing some of em this year but after years of being ridiculed cos I watch Flash or Supergirl, and my time interacting with other critics worldwide, I’ve realized this is a uniquely Nigerian problem. They want to be cooler than who ever made the fridge. No more attention should be paid to them. This is good bro.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Well said. A person is allowed to grow past a show without talking constant trash about it, when all the show is doing is taking inspiration from its source material. But most Nigerians do not know that. I so hate the constant CW is a money laundering Network banter.


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