Netflix Releases New Photos for The Upcoming Fantasy Series, Shadow and Bone

Netflix has released pictures for the upcoming new fantasy series Shadow and Bone, adapted from author Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling Grishaverse novels. The first teaser for Shadow and Bone was released in December 2020 in which Netflix confirmed then that the show would premiere in April 2021.

Several images revealing major characters in the highly anticipated show was shared with fans on 27th January, 2021. These images were shared with fans to catch a glimpse of what is in store for them and to introduce them to the characters that will feature in the fantasy series. Here are some of the pictures Netflix shared with the Shadow and Bone fans, per Entertainment Weekly:

Shadow and Bone main character Alina Starkov (played by Jessie Mei Li)     
  and her childhood best friend, Malyen Oretsev (played by Archie Renaux).

Ben Barnes plays the role of General Kirigan (aka The Darkling), 
the leader of the second army and the  kingdom’s magical military 
regiment of Grisha soldiers.
Lethal Heartrender Nina Zenik (played by Anielle Galligan) and 
witch hunter Matthias Helvar, starring Calahan Skogman.


The role of Inej Ghafa is played by Amita Suman,  a dangerous spy and assassin

Next is the the image of the six of crows gang featuring Kaz “Dirtyhands” Brekker (played by Freddy Carter), Inej Ghafa (Amita Suman), and Jesper Fahey (played by Kit Young).

Image via Netflix
The Six of Crows gang

The Grishaverse action-packed fantasy series, Shadow and Bone, will be available for streaming on Netflix on April 23, 2021.

Image via Netflix


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