King of Boys (2018) Recap

King of Boys, the movie, was released in 2018. It went on to become the highest-grossing movie of 2018 and one of the top grossers of all time in Nigerian cinema. Starring Sola Sobowale, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Toni Tones, Adedamola Adedoyin, Paul Sambo and Reminisce, the movie ended with a hunger for justice and untold stories which the imaginations of the fans (#KOBArmy) have kept at bay for over 2 years. There would be no need for fans to ask and answer the “what’s next?” question anymore, seeing that the sequel to the Kemi Adetiba-directed movie will arrive as a 7-episode limited series, titled King Of Boys: The Return of the King, exclusively on Netflix. 

Yes! We know you have forgotten some of the details from the original movie and you can not rewatch it because you are too excited about the series. We have taken the time to rewatch the 3-hour long movie and would highlight key moments for you. At the end of this post, you’ll have remembered everything that happened in the original movie and should be ready to see the series.

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One moment that set the precipice of this movie moving was when Odogwu Malay (Illbliss) brought a business venture (robbery) to Makanaki (Reminisce) about stealing from politicians who are trying to escape the whistleblowing campaign by the Nigerian anti-corruption agency. The robberies went smoothly but they refused to remit Eniola’s cut because of Makanaki’s egalitarian views. If you ask me, what’s chivalry got to do with thieves?


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Eniola meets with political godfather Aare Akinwande (Akin Lewis), to air her agitations about how the political class is abandoning her and not doing things as they have agreed on. While airing, Eniola has an outburst which Aare abruptly ends by reminding her of where she belongs. Aare concludes the meeting with his plans to appoint Kemi, Eniola’s daughter (Adesua Etomi-Wellington), as the deputy commissioner of Agriculture.


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Makanaki and Odogwu Malay carried out the robberies, they recovered loot stashed in ‘ghana-must-go’ bags, soakaway pits, and a casket. The robbery was taken by the political class as an act of insolence from Eniola. They decided to punish her and set Inspector Gobir (Paul Sambo) on a collision course with her. Eniola was arrested initially but later acquitted of all charges as there was no way to link her to the crimes she was being charged with.


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Eniola was framed with attempts to bribe Gobir, the newly appointed inspector. With this new development, she was jailed but soon released after the family of Judge Nwachukwu (Nobert Young) was held at ransom.


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Eniola called for a meeting after she felt her authority was being questioned, Makanaki arrived late to the meeting and showed no remorse. Maka defied Eniola’s authority and vouched to wear her crown. 


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Eniola’s world started to collapse as Kemi was murdered in the arms of Kitan (Adedamola Adedoyin) in front of the court, after Judge Nwachukwu delivered his judgment. Visiting his girlfriend, Amaka (Sharon Ooja), for comfort from the trauma, he found out that she was in league with his sister’s killers. As a result, he killed her and unable to process his actions, he killed himself. This wrecked Eniola more. Judge Nwachukwu’s family was also murdered and dumped on the highway.


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Eniola handed herself over to Gobir after she was unable to process her trauma and guilty conscience. The murder and kidnap that was carried out by Makanaki in liege with Aare Akinwande was also pinned on a grieving Eniola.


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What’s more fun than an Igbo man who finds himself amusing as he can’t properly speak Yoruba. This is the case before Odogwu rained bullets on Makanaki while delivering Eniola’s “You will meet me in hell message”. Makanaki’s state is unknown but Reminisce is reprising his role as Makanaki in the sequelling series.


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Makanaki set Eniola’s prison ablaze after he desperately tried to get her to beg for her life, all to no avail; he also claimed responsibility for Kemi’s death. Closing the lengthy film, Eniola fled to Brooklyn where she continued to rule her syndicate network of criminals.

What are your theories on what the series would be about? You can share your thoughts easily in the comment section and you can come back to boast about how you were right all along. Do we have a deal? 
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The sequel, in the form of a seven-episode series, is set to be released on August 27 exclusively on Netflix. The 2018 King of Boys is also available on the streaming platform.


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