Castle and Castle Season 1 Recap

 While the second season of EbonyLife’s Castle and Castle is set to be released on Netflix on September 15, 2021, we have taken the liberty to re-watch the 2018 13-episode legal drama series so you would not have to do so. Castle and Castle tells the story of successful lawyers, Remi and Tega Castle, who strain their marriage when they end up on different sides of the law.  See this as a school and WhatKeptMeUp is the name of the college, so fasten your seat belt as we take you through a refresher course on Castle and Castle season 1. Let the class begin.

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Mike Wins A Case

Via Netflix

The series starts with the celebration of Mike Amenechi (Daniel Etim Effiong) winning a lawsuit of 200M for Castle and Castle’s biggest client, HMG. This causes Mike to lobby for the position of a partner, having spent 7 years at the firm. Tega Castle (Richard Mofe Damijo) rejects this. Mike, however, notes that the philanthropism of Professor Tega will ruin the firm.

Professor Takes Aminu’s Case Pro Bono

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Ignoring the wishes of his wife, Remi (Dakore Egbuson Akande), Professor Tega takes up the case of Aminu, a child bride in the North who murdered her husband. We also see Remi’s father, Duke Akintola (Bimbo Manuel), stir up the rivalry between himself and Tega.

Mike Leaves Castle And Castle 

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Mike leaves the firm, since his wish of being made a partner at Castle and Castle is turned down, C and C’s biggest client also leaves with him as he won their last case for them. C and C is plunged into a dire financial situation, a hole which Duke is able to fill by asking the firm to take Remco, a conglomerate known for always cutting corners. It is here we are introduced to Otunba (Patrick Doyle). Tega does not agree with this but can’t do much as he is head deep in the Aminu child bride case. The company’s cleaner, Betty, also leaves with Mike, the hunt for a new cleaner starts. 

Ben Comes Back Home

Ben (Denola Grey), Tega and Remi’s son, returns to Nigeria for his NYSC service after finishing his law degree in London. Initially a brat, Ben begins to pull his weight when Kwabena (Deyemi Okanlawon) begins to give him a tough time in the company. His white girlfriend, Christina, travels to Nigeria to be with him. As time went on, the couple began to have problems as Ben’s childhood friend, Kemi (Tomike Adeoye), comes into the picture. We are made to see that Kemi had always had a crush on Ben. 

Remi Sacks Nike

Via Netflix

Tega wins his pro bono case, but the media paints Nike (Ade Laoye), a lawyer at C and C, and Tega as a couple, much to Nike’s delight. Meanwhile something subtle has been brewing between the two. After Nike pulls different stunts, trying to seperate the Castle couple, Remi resorts to sacking Nike, but out of her goodwill gets Nike a job at Mike’s firm. Worthy of note is the fact that Tega also liked Nike.


Ben’s Fiasco With Kemi

Via Netflix

After Christina contracts diarrhea, Kemi decides to hang out with Ben and they both end up drunk. While driving home, Ben drunkenly hits a man, but Kemi takes the fall after realizing the implication on Ben’s law career. His parents handle the case lackadaisically until they learn Ben was the one driving, but this only came to their knowledge after Ben had already gone to solicit the help of his grandpa, Duke Akintola. Alongside his parents, they were able to make the problems go away. Kemi and Ben subsequently had sex, Christina left for London when she found out. 

Mike Loses a Remco Case to Castle And Castle 

Mike takes up a case against Castle and Castle after his client, a supervisor at Remco’s airline, is fired. C and C wins the case as Mr Olamide the supervisor is coaxed to sign an NDA. 

Maliq Mustapha Takes the Law into His Hands

Maliq (Blossom Chukwujekwu) takes up a rape case which he subsequently loses because the Judge had been bribed. He literally takes the law and rapist into his hands, as he brutalizes the rapist. He shortly begins to look for ways to bring the Judge down after he learns that many other similar cases have been closed.

A Plane Crash and the Crash of the Power Couple

Via Netflix

 One of Remco’s planes crashes, killing 110 people including the pilot. Remco tries hinging it on the pilot to cover their malicious tracks. Tega is approached by the son of the pilot in order to defend his father’s dignity and get justice for the dead, which he takes. Castle and Castle appeared to be defending and suing Remco at the same time. After pleas from Remi for the case to be dropped, Remi resolves this by sacking her husband. The couple did not divorce, though on opposing sides of the case, are still happy at home.


Tega retreats to his university to set up a place from where he can prepare for the case. Ben leaks info showing the complicity of Remco to Tega. Upon his subsequent visits to his father, Remi relieves him of his duty at C and C. The case is assigned to Judge Fayemi.

Malik, Kwabena & Greg

Malik teams up with other lawyers such as Kwabena, corporate lawyer at C and C, and Greg (Ozzy Agu), a lawyer from outside the firm in order to bring Judge Fayemi down. The team’s search causes them to acquire gadgets which they plant in Fayemi’s office. The clip gathered from the gadget implicates C and C, and Prof. Tega is made to confront his wife about the information reaching him. The complicity is shown to be from Duke’s end, not Remi.

Season Finale And Twists

Via Netflix

Tega, in a bid to avoid blowing the case over since C and C had been implicated in the recording, threatens the judge to resign as he has incriminating evidence against him, enough to cause him arrest. Here, Tega lands a punch on the Judge. Tega agrees to drop the case of license revocation after talks with Remi. He is met in court by the Judge, who promises to make his life miserable. The season ends here.


Stella (Anee Icha) finds herself in an awkward position after she keeps getting gifts from a secret admirer. Following Nneka’s (Eku Edewor) (the family lawyer) advice to check the CCTV footage, she is able to confirm that her lover is Captain (Jude Chukwuka). She subsequently confronts him and puts a stop to it. A situation-ship also brews between Kwabena and corper Doshima (Dorcas Shola Fapson).

The trailer for season two has been released and it premieres on Netflix on September 15, 2021. Keep track of upcoming TV shows with our free calendar tool.

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