Five Other Netflix Series to Watch if You Enjoy ‘Blood & Water’

After the success of the first season of Blood & Water on Netflix and the cliffhanger it left the audience with, it wasn’t surprising that the streaming giant greenlit a second season. The strength of the series lies in how it reels viewers in its mysteries, coupled with the teen drama trope it explores. The second season picks off where the first season ended and it is pretty much like the first season, a young girl’s search for the truth. Revelations in the second season delineate that there is a bigger power in play and more secrets to unravel. Moreover, even though the second season is a decent watch, it might be the series’ breaking point.

Season two poster Image via Netflix

A potential third  season must give answers to all the questions thrown in the mind of viewers, otherwise the series might fall into the category of those TV shows that hold too many mysteries but suffer from flat revealment rather than cause excitement amongst viewers. As we wait patiently for the third season, here are five other Netflix shows to binge watch if you enjoy Blood & Water.


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13 Reasons Why

Image via Netflix

The teen drama revolves around highschooler, Clay Jensen, who finds a mysterious package with his name on it. Inside the package are tapes belonging to Hannah Baker, his crush, who committed suicide. However, Clay isn’t the only recipient of Hannah’s package. On the labelled tape, each with different names, Hannah explains the 13 reasons why she committed suicide and why these supposed people have made her list. All they have to do is pass the tape to each other to know why and how they made the list. 

Ginny & Georgia 

Image via Netflix

Thirty-year-old Georgia Miller—with her daughter and son, Ginny and Austin—moves to a small neighbourhood in New England for a fresh start after the death of her ex-husband. Her fifteen-year-old daughter, Ginny, makes new friends at her school but her perfect new life takes a bitter turn when she unearths some of her mother’s dirty secrets. Maybe her mother isn’t the angel she thought she was after all.


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On My Block

Image via Netflix

Netflix teen drama, On My Block, takes us through the lives of four high school friends as they navigate their way through high school and their tough neighbourhood while also trying to keep one of their friends out of a gang.

Control Z

Image via Netflix

Control Z is a Mexican drama about a mysterious hacker who delves into the personal lives of some students in a prestigious school by leaking their dirtiest secrets on social media. Thrown in the center of the chaos is Sofia, a teen who has secrets of her own and will stop at nothing to find the hacker’s identity.

Outer Banks

Image via Netflix

Outer Banks tells the story of a group of friends called the Pogues, led by their leader, John, who embarks on a journey to find his father after a series of mysterious events shows he might not be dead after all. Set in an idyllic water town, the series covers the journeys of John as he hopes to find the million dollar treasure his father went missing looking for.

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