Ranking Our Favourite Side Characters From Atlanta Season 2

As we are in the age of ranking and comparing, the colourful list of characters that appeared on our screens during ‘Atlanta season 2: Robbin’ Season’ pushed me into making this list. The adventure of Paperboi and the gang couldn’t have been told better without these characters. Whether they appeared on our screens for a few seconds or lasted a few episodes, we definitely all have our standout moments.



Let’s kick off from the bottom to the top.

15. ‘The white guy who flashed his gun at earn’

(Episode 3)


He didn’t have to say a word. Damn! Raising his jacket was enough. One of those silent moment that boils the anger in you in this racially charged episode titled Money Bag Shawty. Is it a crime to be stacking the dollar bills? Cos you flashed your gun to show power, you’ll be coming last on MY list. I’m vexed!

14. ‘The stripper who danced for three seconds and then asked for $20’

(Episode 3)


Believe me! She really danced for 3 seconds and requested 20$ for her service. This episode shows why Netflix and Chill is the best. Only if Earn had stocked the house with snacks and movie streaming subscription, he could have had a better nice night with Van. It also shows a wide gap in experience between the stripper newbie Van decides to help with cash cos she isn’t getting much and this bitch who’s going to get away with free 20$.

13. ‘The frat guy who like rap’

(Episode 9)


Thanks for providing us with weed at a much needed time. All other things in the scenes which he features are all shades of creepy weird.

12. ‘The homeless guy in the woods with Al’

(Episode 8)


I still feel like he was real but wasn’t so much of a threat. But the fear Paperboi had in him and whatever he was facing (death of his mum) made the man seem like a monster in his mind which made him go crazy in the woods.

11. ‘Clark county’s manager’

(multiple episodes)


Sorry you’d to take the fall. I wonder if this would be talked about when season 3 premieres(cos it has been officially renewed. Whoop Whoop!). Highly doubt it though. I feel like there’d be a time jump. Back to Clark County’s manager: you’re WHITE bro! This time filling one of the white spaces needed. He looks harmless tho.

10. ‘The weed dealer who robbed Paperboi’

(Episode 2)


At least he robbed with all respect and courtesy words. People got to eat sadly. We’ve got worse people on earth who are not robbers but are way worse in terms of showing  respect. I felt both for him and Paperboi at this point.

9. Tammi

(Episode 7)


I actually typed ‘beautiful woman’ into Google images after the episode. But I don’t think that’s all Google’s fault, talking about the results. Google generates images from sites, b. Don’t worry you’ll find the love of your life in future. Leave your black crush with his white babe . Maybe tinder might help, instead of spending so much time on Google.

8. Violet

(Episode 9)


I suspected she was crazy the moment she started her silly, hard to believe storytime with Paperboi. But not this crazy well. Sad these are the kind of people the crew got to encounter on the road to saving funds and extra cash. Only if Earn had just booked a room, their stuffs could have been saved. Penny wise, pound foolish!

7. Teddy Perkins

(Episode 6)


As a character played by Donald Glover, this was so chilling to watch. Down to the bones. I actually had a bet with my tummy already that Darius was kissing the dust during this episode. Fortunately Not! Both harmless and harmful at the same time through his calmly, slowly and carefully chosen words, we were all sure Darius wasn’t going home with his desired Piano at the end of the episode. Long Live Teddy Perkins!

6. Bibby

(Episode 5)


Not just barbers, but there are so many idiots like this in various professions in Nigeria. So this was so relatable. Got annoying at some point, but I was still looking forward to the next silly scheme he was about to pull, dragging Paperboi all along.
I’d love to see Bibby take on another profession on another Atlanta episode.

5. Uncle Willie

(Episode 1)


Uncle Willie with the Croc-ie! You saved the day Willie Man! One of the longest foreshadowing that lasted all season. Finally the gun you gave your nephew came to good use. He didn’t have to pull the trigger, but it definitely came to good use. I hope Donald wins you your guest Emmy spot.
Would love to see him next season or whenever. He’s still on the run I suppose.

4. Clark County

(multiple episodes)


Yoo-hoo! Nice looking guy rivaling Paperboi in some cold war. He’s stacking the cash in a way Paperboi isn’t. And he’s definitely people’s favourite for him to be the face of a chocolate milk advert. Best scene was in the music booth with the assholic studio technician. His Yoo-hoo Advert could be the other thing that beats this scene.

3. Nadine

(Episode 7)


Who else loved the Nadine and Darius moments 😍. Give them a special episode next season to light up a joint or get high through whatever means possible and just talk and talk and talk for 30 mins long. The back and forth between the two characters is just so hilariously satisfying. Van should hook Darius up tho.

2. Ciara

(Episode 8)


Paperboi’s wife. LOL! I loved the few scenes spent with her. True Life of a Baby Girl living it up for the Gram. She doesn’t hide what she wants. Puts it forward directly to Paperboi. Take it or leave it! Paperboi would have loved to finish that pedicure tho. Hopefully she returns through some creative means.

1. Tracy

(multiple episodes)


I thought it was all a one time thing after he popped up in the first episode. Glad he returned in multiple episodes playing ‘Security Man who actually just needs a source of surviving’ for paperboi’s crew. Started off as the dude who sleeps on the couch though. Most hilarious scene was during his interview for the job he didn’t get. No! His best scene happened during the ‘no chase’ policy he was explaining to Earn at the mall. No! His best scene was when Earn wasn’t in the mood, but he was finding it all funny. I can’t even decide… He was great at all times that he popped up! He wasn’t over used and wasn’t under used.


Number 1 means that’s the end. I am pretty sure it is always a lit time filming Atlanta and each character had fun on and off the screen. Special thanks and shoutout to the series regulars Paperboi, Darius, Earn and Van for the outstanding Robbin’ season. We are all looking forward to what is in store for season 3.

Did I miss one of your favourite side characters from Atlanta season 2: Robbin’ season? Let me know in the comments below! If not, tell me your favourite from the list above.

Bis Bald!


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