Content writer(s)- focusing on Nollywood and/or Hollywood

Application for permanent roles is currently closed. Inspired? Motivated? Kindly visit our submission page for more opportunities.

About us

What Kept Me Up is a movie and TV blog. We serve readers with news, reviews, trivia, and fun bits in the film world. So far, it has been managed by a sole editor in the form of a personal blog. We would like to grow bigger to accommodate more content (movies and TV shows) and diversifying opinions. We  hope to push people to watch movies and TV shows not based on ‘good or bad’, rather based on their watch history, life interests and favourite genres. Most importantly, getting people engaged in conversations on what kept them up. The discussion with readers matters. We want to get people talking without pause.

Your profile

  • Basic or entry level in writing (opinionated) accepted. Experience is an added advantage.
  • Holds huge interest in movies, TV  shows, and general pop culture.
  • Highly knowledgeable about developments in the film industry (Nollywood or/and Hollywood).
  • Good communication and language skills in English.
  • Expert use of MS office, google docs, and WordPress.
  • Open to communication on Slack or Telegram.
  • Preferably Ibadan based.
  • Ability to delver written content under given deadlines.
  • Team spirit and humour.


-Content writing 2-3 times per week. 700-1500 words average or more. Content such as these, (but not restricted to):

  • Trailer analysis/break down
  • Movie and television reviews
  • Opinion articles on certain trending topics and arguments in the film world e.g. Scorsese’s criticism of MCU or Spielberg not being a big fan of Netflix (streaming), the supposedly death of cinema culture/rise of streaming,etc
  • Character/plot breakdown, forming connections between multiple shows
  • Listicles
  • Vital news reporting which might sometimes include 1 paragraph of personal opinion.


  • Covering the cost of weekly cinema ticket for a movie. 4 in total per month.
  • Earnings per word count (1-3 naira, depending on the applicant’s level).
  • Working from home and creating your monthly personal plan.

How to apply

  • A single PDF document containing
    • a Curriculum vitae
    • a cover letter
    • minimum of one sample of a written review/piece (Nollywood or Foreign). Could be more (but not more than 3) depending on the strengths you are trying to highlight.

This document should be sent to

Tip: We care less about your qualifications and certificates, and more about what drives/motivates you, your love for film and what you do during your free time. Also, in your cover letter, specify if you would like to focus only on one industry; Nollywood or Hollywood or both. Knowledge in movies from other countries is also a plus.

Application for permanent roles is currently closed. Inspired? Motivated? Kindly visit our submission page for more opportunities.