Ndani TV’s ‘Ratings’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “The Kidnap”

A case of mistaken identity motive.

For the second episode in a row, we meet the passengers (played by Moc Madu, Scott Obilo, and Immanuela Joseph) in the car at the start of the episode. Today, we’ve three passengers who have all chosen to cram themselves at the back. You begin to wonder why, but the episode title should give you a clue already— “The Kidnap”.
In this very short episode where FJ isn’t allowed to start his small talk, nor allowed to play music, two intimidating men sandwich a lady in the back seat and she appears to be a  hopeless victim of a kidnap.

The sandwiched passengers (played by Moc Madu, Scott Obilo, and Immanuela Joseph) and FJ driving. Via NdaniTV.

During this trip, they decide to call her mum to discuss the details of ransom as she continues to shiver. While this happens, FJ obviously, is shitting his pants in the driver’s seat. He can’t believe what’s going on and can only drive towards safety which he blames on traffic. Traffic is always a good excuse for a diversion. Y’all Lagos peeps already know that.

FJ realises the situation he is in. Via NdaniTV.

On reaching a smaller street, after leaving the main road, which I actually find strange now, he springs out of the car and calls for help. Luckily, some men or area boys or bystanders (pick your choice) intervene and try to help the lady and FJ. At this point, viewers can only wonder what the hell is going on as the kidnappers don’t look frightened, only surprised at this accusation. Oh yes, even the lady is taken aback, giving the “how dare you accuse my captors” face.

Guest actors: Moc Madu, Scott Obilo, and Immanuela Joseph. Via NdaniTV.

Viewers can only continue the guessing game by trying to solve the mystery based on their facial expressions, as there is little or no other clue to work with. I’d no guesses, I was just waiting for the reveal and it was quite a tense mood. Maybe cos I’d just completed a mind-blowing episode of Prime Video’s Invincible, and Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so watching Ratings was to cool my head at this point.

A finely synchronised ‘waka’. Via NdaniTV.

The three passengers unveil themselves as actors staying in character who have only been practicing their lines in FJ’s car and are on their way to a shooting location. After this altercation, they leave FJ behind and as you guessed it— without payment, and 5 stars. Even as he pleads for 5 stars as he always does as a last resort, they throw him a ‘waka’— which is someone throwing their palm at you in the air, meaning they’re cursing your father.
And this rounds up a very good episode, a satisfying come back compared to the previous four episodes.

Right from the moment they decide to discuss ransom details in a hired car, you could foresee a twist coming, most especially, after they don’t flinch when he stops the car. But it’s hard to guess what exactly could be going on. But then, the reveal was amusing! Shortest episode and they got it right. This is what we’re talking about!!! Proudly written by Bode Asinyanbi who did not pen the previous two, and directed by Adekunle Bryan Oyetunde. Damn!

Ratings: B

Side Musings

  • These guest actors are quite good. Whoever cast them though! This shows how there are enough talents in this country if they’re given proper auditions to showcase it, and less recycling.
  • I was sha wondering why they started discussing such details in the car. I thought they were just badass and were showing some balls.
  • A ‘twist-twist-twist’ would’ve been a post credit scene showing them as actual kidnappers 😂 But hey, the story is about FJ and not the ‘kidnappers’.
  • 8 episodes in and I find myself vibing to the credits soundtrack. Whoever was on the drums though. 🔥
  • Cock and bull story: Is there any wife that would actually believe all of these stories when a husband returns home to tell them. So sad, that hat even all of these are happening to just one person. She married the wrong person. But hey, till death do you part.

A new episode drops every Friday at 3pm on Ndani’s Youtube Channel. We publish a recap every Saturday.

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