What’s Next for Regé-Jean Page After ‘Bridgerton’?

Do we all remember the young handsome Duke of Hastings in the recent Regency drama?

The Bridgerton star, Regé-Jean Page, swept women off their feet as Simon Bassett in the Shonda Rhimes Regency drama. Sadly, his desire not to participate in the second season of the popular Netflix period piece is a huge blow, not just for the series, but for fans and admirers of the Bridgerton star. And by admirer, I mean— me. I guess there is no reason for me to be excited about the upcoming season of Bridgerton. Many of us didn’t watch Bridgerton for the story or maybe I am just exaggerating. Looking on the bright side, our favourite Duke might just pop on our screens anytime soon.

Regé-Jean Page in Bridgerton
Image via Netflix

What movie will Rege-Jean Page be featuring in next?

The Bridgerton star has landed roles in two high-profile movies, The Gray Man, and Dungeons and Dragons. A break from the Shonda Rhimes Regency romance did show the young star to the right door. So let’s leave all this Bridgerton talk (just because we all want him in Bridgerton, doesn’t mean it will happen) and delve into the next big thing for the Duke Regé-Jean Page.

The Gray Man (Status: Filming)

Even though it is pretty devastating (I will not stop whining about it, at least for now), we have to look at the positive side of things as the Bridgerton star will be working with A-list actors in an upcoming action-thriller, The Gray Man, an adaptation of the same name novel by Mark Greeney. According to IMDb, the synopsis of The Gray Man goes thus; “In Europe, a CIA operative-turned-assassin looks to evade mysterious forces as he tries to save the lives of daughters who don’t know he exists”. Regé-Jean Page will star alongside Ryan Gosling (La La Land), Chris Evans (Captain America), Alfred Woodard (12 Years a Slave), Callan Mulvey (Outlaw King) and Ana De Armas (Knives Out) amongst others. The directors of the spy movie are the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) filmmaking brothers, Joe and Anthony Russo, and will eclipse Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman as Netflix’s most expensive original production.

Image via Pinterest

Following the Bridgerton star’s success as the Duke of Hastings, The Gray Man will be a good starting place for the young actor’s career, rubbing backs with top-notch actors like Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. It is exciting to know the next role for the young actor is in an action movie and I hope he replicates his genius in this upcoming movie as this might be one of his stepping stones to bigger stardom (beyond ladies’ hearts).

There are no details yet on the release date of The Gray Man but one thing is certain, the action movie will land on Netflix.

Dungeons and Dragons (Status: Announced)

Regé-Jean Page is making waves as he lands another role in the adaptation of the popular role-playing game, “Dungeons and Dragons”. It is an adventure movie and it will definitely give the young actor a new visage from his familiar Duke of Hastings look. Regé-Jean Page is cast alongside Chris Pine (Wonder Woman), Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and the Furious), Sophia Lillis (I Am Not Okay with This), Hugh Grant (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) and others. The two writers of Spiderman: Homecoming, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein will helm  the directorial role. 

Image via Netflix

The plot for the adventure fantasy movie is currently unknown apart from the fact that it is a game that lets players create heroes to battle monsters and the whatnot. The movie was previously made in 2000 and did not do well critically; however, one can only hope that this new adaptation will be a turning point and a chance to redeem the previous disaster. Regé-Jean Page’s role in the upcoming adventure movie has not yet been revealed but we can only hope once again that it will be one that brings the Bridgerton star to the spotlight once again.

Dungeons and Dragons was originally set to be released in May, 2022 in theatres, but now the adventure movie is slated to debut theatrically on March 3, 2023.

Previous Movies and TV series Starring Page

For now, the Bridgerton star has just those two movies on the way and maybe, just maybe, he might get featured in other movies. However, here are some of his old movie(s) and TV show(s) if you haven’t seen them already.  

  • Sylvie’s Love (2020)

In this romance drama, Regé-Jean Page plays Chico, a talented drummer who is a close friend to the main lead. Even though he isn’t the main lead in this movie, you can still look forward to a number of appearances from his character.. He is surrounded by other talented acts like Nnamdi Asomugha (Crown Heights) and Tessa Thompson (Dear White People). Sylvie’s Love is available on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Mortal Engines (2018)

Regé-Jean Page, playing Madzimoyo Khora, takes on the role of a captain of many airships in this action-SciFi movie produced by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings Trilogy).

  • For the People (2018-2019)

This TV series tosses young Regé-Jean Page in a courtroom drama as he plays the role of an assistant US attorney, Leonard Knox. Unfortunately, this Shonda-Rhimes legal drama was short-lived and lasted just two seasons.

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