Netflix Releases a Sensational Trailer for ‘Love Death + Robots’ Vol. 2

The official trailer for the upcoming second volume of Love Death + Robots has finally been released by Netflix. Love Death + Robots is an animation series created by Deadpool’s Tim Miller and Gone Girl’s David Fincher. The trailer opens with an emotional atmosphere, an intense background music and an enthusiasm to find out what the second season of the anthology series has in store. Then, a series of snapshots follow, which bring us back to this beautiful world of LDR’s animation, helmed by animators from all over the world. As expected from the animated series, it involves love, death and robots. We see two massive creatures rising out of the water, robotic clashes and humans putting their curious nature to test— all of which might remind us of the spectacle-filled volume one. Each shot seems unrelated, yet a beauty to behold. 

Image via Netflix

The Volume 2 of this NSFW anthology series promises “naked giants, Christmas demons and robots-gone-wild”. The adult animated show will give fans a collection of animated short stories that depicts visually striking montage. Each episode will relay its own unique story. The first volume had 18 episodes and premiered in March 2019, mostly running below 15 minutes. However, the second volume will present eight episodes of short stories from different genres which includes horror, science fiction, fantasy and comedy. 

David Fincher and Tim Willer will also helm the second volume of the show, alongside Jennifer Miller and Joshua Donen, who were executive producers on the first volume. The Emmy award winning anthology series’ second volume will be available on Netflix on May 14. Netflix has also announced that the third season will premiere in 2022. 

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