Insecure Returns August 12 | What You Need to Know



After introducing ATLANTA the last time, you must have been wondering, “What’s with the ALL MEN series this dude is talking about.” I’m sorry, but I’m not Anti-feminist actually (not feminist either)  and we’ve actual ladies on Atlanta (strippers, the take-me-home ladies and the well formed baby mama).
Steering away way from the “I want to make it” environment in Atlanta, we’re going on some adventure on another side of the USA. Sadly, Hollywood been letting us down recently.(story for another sitting)

Insecure is comedy series set in L.A, following the life of a young lady and her best friend battling their numerous weaknesses and other shortcomings that make them a human boss lady. You’d expect it to be an “ooh she’s a movie star, ooh  she’s an aspiring movie star” type of series. But No! This is INSECURE! where the lead actress,Issa (Issa Rae), who works as a guidance and life counselor in disadvantaged high schools can’t even guide herself to a stable relationship. Neither can her friend,Molly, a corporate attorney,(played by ever representing naija gurrl Yvonne Orji), who is even worse off. Funny part is that they keep having these pieces of advice and two cents’ worth for each other every now and then. Unfortunately, it’s either it doesn’t work or they don’t follow the advice at the moment when it’s meant to work. For every fallback and fallout, they are always there for each other, which is the most important. Having your gal’s back and your gal having your back to eternity spinsterhood. Main point: you are not left alone.

Insecure (1151001)

These two friends have their personal experiences; they work (career woman style), they fight (batshit crazy type), they party (become the highlight of the party type) and they try to date, this point they keep hitting a wall.
One major demon they’re fighting is being black and being defined by it. Daily, they try not to let that control their way of life or they fall short of what is perceived to be black. They want to be seen as more than the colour of their skin. They are hard-working young women, who make various below par decisions or sometimes total mehh which often occurs in the relationship area. In whichever way, it tends to leave a result which they’ve to face at one time or the other comically and sometimes heartcrushing for the audience.

Insecure (1150985)

We all know “coming of age” genre deals with the area of teenagers breaking out into their youth period while facing different issues or the other and having some kind of fun at the same time.
INSECURE is million steps higher than coming of age, so I won’t classify it as that. Rather “COMING OF SELF”, where I’d give my definition as trying to figure oneself out, at the same time not making the straight forward decisions, in some sort of try and error format in order to find the best path that leads to what really is right. At this stage of their lives, they are searching for the true destination for their overused hearts.

Insecure (1151002)

This occurs majorly while trying to settle down in life; fighting for the present while holding bits of one’s past and trying to blend them all into one’s dream future path.
As two African-American ladies, they’re bound to have loads of issues coming at them in rounds, for example, having to make decisions career wise in a ‘Black female unfriendly’ climate. As Issa Rae said in the past, “We’re just trying to convey that people of color are relatable. This is not a hood story. This is about regular people living life.” So regular people living life, trying to nail down a stable preeq.

It’s always fun watching a close relationship between two people on TV (whether marriage, friendship,neighbours or coworkers). Insecure sure isn’t left out in this popular, fun dynamics. Alongside Issa and Molly, Insecure features a number of awesome supporting faces, from a larger group of female squad they have to ex-boyfriends, boyfriends,lovers and then co-workers.


The amount of flesh shown in the series might make you think you’re in the garden of Eden; which I wasn’t a fan of while watching, cos it felt unnecessary a few times.
They were more interested in showing the men’s bum than using their acting skills to the maximum.

Two seasons gone and a third starting soon, Issa and Molly would leave their craziness and prints in your hearts while making you jealous enough to go in search of your own ‘perfect’ partner in crime or appreciate yours dearly if you’ve got one. (probably if we find our ‘perfect’ partner in crime, season 3 won’t be watched or binged all alone).

With the funny and not so complex plot, it leaves me with not so much to spill out (why I told you earlier this is spoiler free). You might also want to open your ears for lit songs to add to your dying playlist, cos Insecure parties got one of the best. Not to talk of aspiring rapper, Issa dropping bars from time to time. BROKEN P#SSY!!!


Seen Insecure already? Planning to see it? Not interested? Got something similar but better?, Let me know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share with that gal or guy pal of yours who might love it.

Insecure returns on August 12.

Bis Bald!

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