Dear Reader, This Might be the Last Time I Gush About Netflix.

Dear reader,

Happy new year.
In 2021, wkMu will expand from being a personal blog to accommodating diverse views and perspectives, operating more as an intensive film and TV site. After an extensive application process that robbed me of my new year’s celebrations (still Ikeade’s voice), we have two new permanent contributors joining the team. These new voices will bring more film and TV knowledge along with them. Luckily for you as a reader, boring y’all with my year-long Netflix tirade/unpaid promo ends on this day. Hopefully, I am able to sneak a few in before this letter ends. How was Bridgerton without the romance? How was Lupin without picturing a shirtless Omar Sy? Learnt the history of (a few) swear words from Nicholas Cage yet, which might prepare you for 2021? Watched your last Shia LeBouf movie, Pieces of a Woman, before cancelling him for his dark past? All holiday & early January releases streaming on Netflix, baby. Can I talk about the highly anticipated Malcom & Marie yet? You guessed right, it’s still Netflix. Ta-dum!

Time Ta-dum to move on. *blank stare* *waits for a reaction*. An end to back to back failed puns also (I promise).

You can meet the new contributors here. Slide into the DM maybe (in a pleasant manner, ladies and gents).

Moreover, wkMu will be inviting guest writers who might recur a number of times. You can approach us as a budding or experienced writer who has other jobs (and likes writing as a hobby)- we have a new menu tab where you can submit your works. This new page contains information on the submission process. Don’t be shy.
If you would rather land a permanent job with us, keep an eye on the Career page for future job openings, which might well be beyond writing.
Lastly on positions and submissions, as a mere reader and visitor, you can take part in an upcoming series of Love Letters. In this series, you can write a quirky note of 10-50 words to your favourite movie/TV show/filmmaker/film composer/crew/cast. These notes could take other forms of writing, such as poems (tanka/haiku) or love letters that you would slip to a crush. It could be directed to an abstract element or anything you love about a film you have just watched or an ended series that you miss. Gush about anything film related. This would be compiled and published at intervals as a love letter series. Submission can be done here. An example below:

“Oh Seeley Booth
Oh Temperance Bones
How much I would give to watch you break bones
and bust bad guys again”

This is a 21-word text directed at the ended Bones series on FOX, which this reader misses after four years. Be creative and speak from your heart.

Moving forward, our content for the year would be at an unprecedented (not Netflix-like) level than ever seen in the 3 years of this blog. We hope you get more insights which you can enjoy while standing on that queue or waiting at the doctor’s.

We would provide you with a wide range of news, analysis, reviews and suggestions. Most especially, more attention towards Nollywood content where we are starting to see increased (quality?) productions. Furthermore, the new team members boast knowledge in Anime and other foreign-language industries. Dear reader, this might be the last time I gush about Netflix. Napkins, please?

With our new menu tab, you can easily find older articles or content that interests you while saving time from long scrolls and numerous pages.
The menu tab includes categories, such as movies, tv shows, nollywood, News, Others (articles, reviews, funnies, Standup), About Us page, Contact and Job Openings (career and guest submissions). This feature should help you navigate the site more efficiently.
On mobile: it appears as a drop down list after clicking the menu.
On PC and tablets: the menu list can be found spread across the top, just below the blog’s name and icon.

wkMu’s logo

You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter or subscribe to our blog for regular email updates as soon as a new post has been added.
We can only demand that you drop by often to enjoy these interesting insights, leave comments, and share with other friends, family and even strangers on your social platforms or privately. Never shy away from engaging in discussion. To our frequent readers- one more round of champagne, cheers!

Remember, watching movies and TV is one thing and talking about it is another beautiful thing.

Bis bald,
Ikeade Oriade
(Managing Editor)


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