WhatKeptMeUp Law School: 6 Memorable Cases From Castle And Castle Season 1

Season 1 of Castle and Castle was packed with a number of cases and stories that ran concurrently with the main story. We also know you enjoyed each of those cases and proclaimed the legal field to be an intellectual profession. We have compiled the 6 most interesting cases for your perusal. Our lord, if we may.


  1. Pastor vs. Dehido  (Episode 1)
Pastor vs. Dehido. Via Netflix

A Pastor (Seyilaw) sues a member of his that recently became famous. The pastor claims that Bro Demola “Dehido” Fagbohun (EmmaOhMaGod) has used a church song for his personal gain. The case, however, doesn’t get to the court as Kwabena MIlls, corporate law specialist at Castle and Castle, is able to get them to agree to a mutually beneficial pact. Dehido performs at the church  to drive attendance to the church and also gives a tithe of the proceedings from the song to the church as the inspiration for the song came to him on church property.

  1. Mrs. Ihejirika vs. Ihejirika family (Episode 2)
Mrs. Ihejirika. Via Netflix

After Mrs Ihejirika loses her husband, her in-laws dispossess her of her belongings which she stomachs. She draws the line when they attempt to throw her out of her house with her 3 daughters, by enlisting the help of C & C.  The elders honor the invitation of the chamber but refuse to speak with Nneka (Eku Edewor) as she is a woman; she, in turn, asks Malik (Blossom Chukwujekwu) to join her on the case, communicating her intentions through him. The duo is able to convince the elders to allow Mrs Ihejirika to stay with her kids as the culture they are upholding also calls for communal living. In the end, she is allowed to remain in the house unless she dies or remarries.

  1. Iander vs. Andrew (Episode 5 and 6)
Cheating Andrew. Via Netflix

Andrew tries to get a court injunction to stop his mistress from leaving the country with their son. Things get out of hand when we learn Andrew has another family that is not aware of his 10-year-old relationship and child with Iander; Andrew does not want the case to come to the knowledge of his family. Due to the secrecy Andrew wants them to maintain about the case, the chances of him losing custody of the child becomes high. So he informs his family of Iander, hoping they would be welcoming of the child and help build his case in getting a court injunction against Iander, but the family doesn’t take the news as hoped, they leave him and Andrew does not get the injunction too. In a twist of events, Andrew kidnaps his son when he realizes that he has no family left. Malik is however able to convince him to return his son before Iander presses charges. In the end, Iander leaves for South Africa with her son. 

  1. Alhaji vs. Witch doctor (Episode 3)
Alhaji vs. Witch doctor. Via Netflix.

A Hausa businessman enlists the help of the firm after his manhood ‘disappears’ after his consultation with a witch doctor to help him last longer. Things turn bleak as the fear of the missing organ shakes Kwabena and Malik that they are not able to think properly. After a philosophical battle with the witch doctor and help from Nike as she is a woman, has nothing to lose, the duo is able to convince the witch doctor that they are taking the case to court but he would be tried for more than the missing penis but also the death of Alhaji since no man should survive that long without  their organ. The witch doctor gives in after the lawyers pointed out that Kirikiri prison is his end, and also demands that Alhaji pays for his services, as non-payment was what caused the whole problem in the first place.


  1. JayJay vs. Oscar (Episode 9)
JayJay vs. Oscar. Via Netflix

A chicken fast food chain owner, JayJay, who tries to establish his chain in Nigeria, is turned down because a potential competitor, Oscar’s chicken business, is registered in his name. Oscar drops the name but retains the menu which C and C in their desperation to get some money for the firm claims is an intellectual property. After a series of testing, it is established that Oscar’s chicken tastes better than JayJay’s foreign chicken as Oscar understands what Nigerians “want in their food, especially chicken”. Doshima then suggests a partnership between JayJay and Oscar, as Oscar knows the market while JayJay has the name and resources.

  1. The State vs. Jimmy Arogundade (Episode 7 and 8)
Jimmy. Via Netflix

A rape victim comes to Malik for help as the rapist (Jimmy) is the son of a General and has gotten away with many such cases. Malik tries all he can to win the case, providing a DNA sample, a medical examination and a confession from a friend of Jimmy’s. But the Judge annuls the case despite the evidence that he is presented with. The case is very interesting as Malik takes the law into his hands by beating Jimmy up and also trying to gather evidence against Judge Fayemi. It is in his bid to bring down Judge Fayemi that it clashes with a much bigger case. He gets the evidence he wants but he learns there are grey zones to things. This case leads up to Istaphanus vs Remco (or Tega Castle vs. Remi Castle).

Cases to watch out for in Castle & Castle Season 2

  1. Abigail vs. Madam (Episode 3)
Abigail. Via Netflix.

Abigail (Blessing Obasi), Castle and Castle’s cleaner, takes her former boss up for physically assaulting her but the case gets interesting as Abigail is emotionally blackmailed and physically brutalized. Abigail withdraws the case just before she is injured and hospitalized; she tries taking up the case after her recovery but Nneka promises for a later time as they have the case of their lives on their hands.
Hopefully, we will see Abigail get her justice in the second season.

  1. Istaphanus vs. Remco/ Tega (Richard Mofe-Damijo) vs. Remi (Dakore Ebguson-Akande) (Episode 10-13)
Istaphanus vs. Remco, pitting the Castle couple against each other. Via Netflix.

Following the revelation of evidence strong enough to soil his character, Judge Fayemi still chooses to preside over the case. He promises to make Tega miserable. We will see the end of the case in season 2. May the best team win!

Which of the cases is your favorite, indicate in the comment section our social media accounts. To jolt your memory, you can read a season 1 recap here.

Castle and Castle is available on Netflix.

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