Hello world: First things First

Ever been a blog dedication in the history of blog startups? Well, let’s take the other road.

I would like to dedicate this art project of mine… Yes it’s an art… well, to my Mad District family for always being mad(in all the forms you understand the word as). And with each member’s dedication and zeal to different forms of art,individually and trying at the same time as a group, I’ve never had a greater push to embark on a journey (of this kind) and assurance that this will be a success, whether astounding or one I can pop a sachet of Caprisonne to at the end of 2018. Also to all of the English teachers who’ve come my way at one point or the other; as a full teacher or as a substitute, you’re well appreciated! And a heart of gratitude to my friends whom I’ve disturbed day and night over difficulties I’d in making choices (right from picking a name, down to colours; which you either find hella cool, or is currently giving you problem with reading. I’d love all forms of feedback in the comments section).

Welcome to my lil corner like I always say. Both big enough for me and small enough for me at the same damn time. I am here for the engagement, relationship and conversation. I am no pro writer, I am no man with special word usage. I am just someone who wants to have longass discussions on why I didn’t have any weekend sleep or why I am looking like a half dead man on a Monday morning. Instead of judging me, why don’t you just ask what has kept me up and I’ll gladly preach its gospel. It’s all going to be stuffs about movies and TV shows, might be more of one than the other. Well, it’s my blog. I decide what comes up. Which is where you partially come in; with lot of wannabe writers out there like me and also seasoned ones, who need a platform to get their hearts out and get conversations going on. I am happy to take your write-ups in and you will be duly credited for the work(s). Just reach me through the contact page, most preferably by email or twitter (that’s where you get a pretty quick reply and no one leaving anyone on ‘read’ or ‘have i sent something wrong’ thoughts). Maybe if we get acquainted better, we can move to the whatsapp or snapchat level or not and probably annoy ourselves till we become strangers again.

Personally, I always find it hard to call something really bad or really good. So it’s all about chilling on the less walked path and bringing more people in. Doesn’t mean I don’t watch any mainstream stuffs, cos I do. Ranging from movies released theatrically,shows on TV, online streaming sweeties and so on, I have come to discover just one favourite movie (Perks of being a wallflower), bunch of other movies(too long of a list, I can’t remember some, so I won’t bother and never even tried to make a list), and TV shows which I’d be sharing with you here:

TV logos

In order which i remembered them when making the list: Last Man on Earth, Quantico, Westworld, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Bones*, Grey’s Anatomy, Dr Ken*,Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Stranger Things, The Night Of, Life in pieces, 2 Broke Girls*, Queen Sugar,Greenleaf,Master of None,Atlanta,Shades of Blue,Empire,Star,American Crime Story: The OJ Simpson Trial, Suits, Mr Robot,iZombie,Blindspot,Insecure, This is Us, 13 Reasons Why,Atypical,Community*,Riverdale,American gods,Big little Lies,Sense8,F is for Family,Orphan Black*, Ozark,Rick and Morty,Friends from College,Mad Men*,American Vandal,Black Mirror,Orange is The New Black, Big Mouth, Bojack Horseman, Glow, Dark, Black Lightning, Mindhunter, Altered Carbon, and The End Of The F***ing World.

With specific reasons why I watch each show which I’d share some other time, I would like to thank you for reading up to this point. You Rock! I’d like to know the shows my ‘to be’ readers watch and also movies, well if you can remember all(so don’t try bro). Leave the lists I’m definitely looking forward to reading as comments below and let’s get the wkMu family started. Nice to meet you all. Freue mich euch kennenzulernen. And I’m Ikeade Oriade.😎

NOTE: your writeup doesn’t have to be all professional or equipped with metapowers. Just one that sparks conversation is enough to get you featured. It’s even the overserious ones that stand lesser chance.(just kidding, basically don’t try to be over poetic is my point)

*these are completed shows. Either ended gracefully or cancelled before their time.

Bis Bald!


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