Love Letter Series | Issue #1


Welcome to the first issue of the Love Letter Series. It should be little surprise that most of the entries in this debut edition were submitted by close family and friends. Hopefully, this issue provides readers with a better understanding of the concept.

In this issue, readers mostly write about their love for ended shows, as well as ongoing ones.

Entries for subsequent issues can be submitted here.

Read the private notes below.

For stirring up a feeling of nostalgia with things
I’m too young to have experienced and whetting
my appetite for horror films so well, I’m in love
with you stranger things.

Stranger Appetite, Damilola.

Gidi Up

Gidi Up

Gidi Up

How many times did I call you?

You left without saying goodbye

You teased a return but never came back

I’m not angry just disappointed

Now Skinny Girl On Transit is taking all the accolades that should have been yours.

Woe is me , Woe is you

aGidi, Ayodele

so I’ve watched suits like a gazillion times (lol it’s def not up to that yet). Anyways, it’s everything for me – from the romance between Mike and Racheal to Jessica’s attitude and definitely her dress sense😚, to Louise’s behaviour and of course to Harvey’s corkiness😁. It’s just a complete movie for me.. it’s not a “too serious” kinda movie, there’s the comedy part too.  

Suits and Personalities, Feranmi

Jake, I love your childishness. It makes me wanna slap you and I am glad.

Amy, do not take it easy on the man-baby.

Big Baby, Ade

Dear Teddy,

How is your stay in the madhouse going?

We would never know if you are actually crazy or just kept against your will.

I feel deeply for you.

Disillusioned Island, Babatunde

Congrats on your double nominations at the Golden Globes. You definitely have to pick up one.

Such range—score for a movie set in the 60s and an animated film set in this day.

Ride on brothers!

Trent and Atticus, Ola

The title or content of the texts gives some of the TV shows and movies away, and some others, not so easily. Which one did you catch? Let us know in the comments section. We might even share some hints for the difficult ones.

Here, you can find more information about the Love Letter Series and if inspired, submit as much as entries as you like.

N.B: None of the texts go through editing. We publish as submitted, most especially, the presented structure.


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