Directed by Uyoyou Adia, Charge and Bail follows the story of Boma (Zainab Balogun), a young elite woman who leaves the United States to practice law in her father’s firm in Nigeria.

Since the success of The Wedding Party movies, there has been an unhealthy tilt in the industry towards romantic-comedies; an already overpopulated film genre. The formula for these films are well-known; throw the rich at the poor and sprinkle a dash of romantic drama. In this manner, Badboys and Bridesmaids offers nothing new or refreshing.

Beyond the regular cinephile, there are the readers who were eager to see Swallow because it’s an adaptation of a Sefi Atta novel. And while, even amongst them, the reaction to the film has been polemical, there is a general agreement that the film didn’t explore the entirety of the book.

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